KWFLAUSA's Newly Launched Blog Shows Exclusive Underwater Footage!
09/04/2009 is pleased to announce to readers that its new blog is proud showcase of exclusive underwater footage of the USS Vandenberg just after sinking.

Online PR News – 04-September-2009 – – is pleased to announce to readers that its new blog is proud showcase of exclusive underwater footage of the USS Vandenberg just after sinking. Taken by official State divers, first allowed on the site after the famous sinking, the video is first documented footage of the new artificial reef in Key West. This amazing video confirms the number one position of KWFLAUSA's new blog as top source for Key West events and travel information.

Key West, Florida, August 29, 2009 - In a proud moment, the excited staff of KWFLAUSA's new blog, launched earlier this summer, cheered after the final version of their exclusive video was uploaded to the site. The underwater video, roughly eleven and a half minutes long, shows official divers checking the ship after it was intentionally sunk to become an artificial reef in Key West. Only officially sanctioned divers were allowed near the ship at this time, and they were there to do safety checks. This exclusive underwater video footage is a real treat for anyone who loves diving, Key West, or shipwrecks.

The USS Vandenberg was intentionally sunk in late May, 2009 to become an artificial reef. It has already become a popular destination for scuba divers. Right now, you can even see the top parts of the ship by snorkeling, as it's painted white and now yet covered with coral. When the visibility is clear, snorkeling the Vandenberg is excellent.

"I am so excited for this video we've just launched", says Nathan Shores, technical director at "We forged new partnerships with FWCC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission) and were really proud when they agreed to release the video to us alone!" said Mr. Shores with visible enthusiasm. Indeed, staff at KWFLAUSA courted FWCC many months to convince the state agency that's blog was the best place to showcase the footage.

"We had to show business plans, traffic statistics on our main website, and monitor our blog posts for the utmost in quality", says Mr. Shores, "to prove we were the best Key West blog out there".

KWFLAUSA hopes the footage will convince online readers to come back often to check for more news and events from Key West. The blog features photos and videos of what's currently happening in Key West, and the main website offers travel information from nuts to bolts. Online since 2001, KWFLAUSA is kept up to date by writers and photographers living in Key West, specializing in underwater photography, snorkeling, and Key West events. also features Fantasy Fest photos, tips for travelers, and restaurant reviews. The addition of the Vandenberg sinking is a sign of the future for this website, where visitors can go to find out about Key West.

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