User-friendly Weighing Terminal Ideal for High-Speed Filling and Mixing Applications

DATELINE -- METTLER TOLEDO’s IND560fill process weighing terminal performs simple and semi-complex filling and mixing applications accurately and rapidly even in harsh environments.

Online PR News – 24-August-2010 – – With the IND560fill, customers can quickly configure filling and blending applications for up to four components without complex and costly programming. The InSite™ software tool offers simple configurations that can also be transferred to a different terminal.

Because valves and feeders can be directly controlled from the IND560fill, a PLC is not needed resulting in reduced costs. Additionally, easy configuration of standard and custom filling/blending sequences and the SmartTrac™ graphic display showing target weight and tolerances promote user-friendliness. The IND560fill is also easy to install, connect, and operate.

For advanced features, the Fill-560 application module can be added to the standard target control capabilities of the IND560 weighing terminal. The hardware key offers new setting parameters, sequencing and input/output checks for weighing in/out cycles. Users can choose to fill with one material or blend up to four materials in the weigh-in cycle. For the weigh-out cycle, users can dump the entire contents or dose out multiple times into containers.

The IND560 weighing terminal is also effective for filling and blending applications requiring speed. The extremely high A/D conversion rate of 366 readings per second is combined with proven TraxDSP™ filtering to ensure that fast, accurate weight information is provided for target comparison. TraxDSP™ is a patented filter design that practically eliminates environmental noise and vibration to provide stable weights. The fast update rate keeps pace with high process speeds, making it ideal for mixing, agitating or dynamic processes.