Sam Bakker releases a new book to take the stress away from website creation

Sam Bakker has recently launched a new book that contains informations and effective strategies to help people create their own website in the easiest way possible.

Online PR News – 23-August-2010 – – Auckland, New Zealand – Sam Bakker has recently launched a new book teaching people how they can create their own website within minutes. The new book promises to change the way businesses go about website creation while web designers pull their hair out at the revealing fact that they may in future not be needed.

Sam Bakker has created the book as a result of many local business owners expressing an interest in getting a website but not believing that they had the money to have one designed. Sam Bakker’s course puts that myth to sleep as he explains how anyone can have a professional website designed within minutes and for less than $15 initially. Sam Bakker has created the course with the sole purpose of helping people and for that reason he is giving the 100+ page book away on his website for free. His hopes are that in giving this new website creation book away for free business owners will take the initiative and finally create the websites that they want for their business. Sam Bakker believes that it is essential for businesses to have an online presence these days and there is no better way to do it then through owning a website.

Sam Bakker has plans for a complete internet business video course in future to giveaway alongside the book as offline marketers in his experience no little about the opportunities available to them online. Sam hopes that more business owners as a result of his new book will take the leap.

Sam Bakker has been in the internet marketing industry for the past 7 years and currently runs his own internet marketing consulting company along with his website Sam is giving away a free download of the book here.

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