New Gadgets For A New Season

In line with Chinabuye’s policy of constantly improving, the company is launching its latest 10 inch tablet. This tablet has all the standard Chinabuye features with a few extra specifications thrown in.

Online PR News – 23-August-2010 – – August marks the start of a new season, and Chinabuye welcomes the season with the launch of a new product. The Metal Craft Motorcycle Model is specially designed for DIY enthusiasts, and definitely qualifies as a big toy for big boys ... and girls. This motorcycle replica in shiny electro coated iron makes the ultimate birthday present for any budding engineer. At just under half a foot long, it can easily be mounted on any desktop or work surface.

The motorcycle model comes with parts that are easy to assemble, and the item makes a good bonding prop, as users can work with a friend or loved word to construct the model from scratch. The electro coating gives the metal a beautiful shine and prevents rust. The detail contained on each model motorcycle is a trademark that shows Chinabuye’s commitment to the little things. The model is so mechanically accurate that a mini-man – or woman - could easily fuel it and ride it. This gorgeous gadget promotes Chinabuye’s policy of blending quality products with quality time. Buyers and receivers of this exquisite piece of mini machinery will spend hours of joy putting it together, and sometimes hours more taking it apart to clean the individual parts. The DIY process can engender a tradition as new people are enlisted into the process.

The gift keeps on giving because the user can dismantle and reassemble it an unlimited number of times with no additional cost or purchase. It is suitable for people of all ages, and can be an excellent way to introduce teens to collectible items and construction work. Assembling this item with parents, older siblings or friends can encourage a love of bikes, metal, machines, and the joys of building. It gives the assembler a sense of achievement, which is an excellent way to build up the self esteem of teenagers struggling with puberty. However, small children should be closely watched during assembly of the motorcycle model, as they have the disconcerting habit of sticking items in their ears, mouths, or noses.

The Metal Craft Motorcycle Model is also an effective tool for affirmative action. Since it is not a distinctly masculine toy, it can be given to girls and young women to show them they are as capable as their male peers. The shine and lustre of the metal would appeal to female customers, who often enjoy things that subtly remind them of chrome and jewellery. Chinabuye is offering this product at the low price of $16.25. As with all the company’s quality products, discounts are available for mass purchases and shipping is free. Find this gadget on the company’s website where you can order it in seconds. For more information please visit the website