The sweet, mild taste of Peach will freshen up your mineral water

Gert Strand AB is launching Peach as one of around 20 flavours for carbonated water. The taste is soft and sweet, and suitable for both adults and children.

Online PR News – 23-August-2010 – – Gert Strand has, through his company Gert Strand AB, produced around 20 different flavours for carbonated water under the brand Aromhuset. These are supplied in small bottles containing 30 ml of essence each, which is enough for 15 litres of carbonated water. The bottles are miniatures, each measuring no more than 8cm. Peach is one of the flavours in the range and has a mild, sweet, soft taste that is highly suited to carbonated water, either as a refreshing drink in its own right, or as a thirst-quencher with a meal.

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Aromhuset's essences are free from both sugar and chemical additives, making them a health-conscious choice for both adults and children. There is no need to worry about dental cavities, unnecessary calories, strange chemical aftertastes or other health dangers, while enjoying good, natural flavours combined with innervating sparkling water.

The essences can be mixed with natural carbonated water, either shop-bought or home-carbonated. By using a carbonation machine your mineral water will be both cheaper and fresher, plus you will be striking a blow for the environment. Each day huge amounts of bottled water are driven over the whole of Sweden, and the emissions from these trucks damage the environment far more than we think. At the same time we have some of the purest water in the world available at home from our own taps, at a much lower cost than anything that can be bought in a shop.

Carbonating your own water at home takes only a few seconds, and adding a little of Aromhuset's Peach will take maybe a few seconds more. The result is healthy, flavoursome, fresh, sparkling water for your dinner table. There are around 20 flavours available, all of which can be mixed together in different combinations. Peach is excellent by itself, but also works well with other flavours, such as Vanilla, Banana, or Pear. It is up to you to experiment and discover your own favourite combinations and strengths.

That is another big plus with Aromhuset's essences when compared to shop-bought, pre-flavoured carbonated water; with Aromhuset's products you can choose yourself exactly how much flavour and which combination you want at any given time. Pre-flavoured brands usually have a very weak flavour, giving only a hint of the real thing, but the recommended dose of 2 ml of Aromhuset's essence per litre of water gives a clear, full taste without being overwhelming. Using this as a starting point it is easy to adjust the dosage to your personal tastes.

Adding the essence is simple; use either the specially developed pipette, or the cap from the bottle which is designed to measure 3 ml.

Gert Strand AB is currently looking for new importers for its successful flavours from Aromhuset.

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