Dr. Roy Thompson Sponsors and Participates in Murfreesboro Half Marathon to Highlight Good Health

Murfreesboro dentist had the honor and privilege of participating in and sponsoring the Murfreesboro Half Marathon with the intention of highlighting the link between good dental health and overall general health.

Online PR News – 23-August-2010 – – Dr. Roy Thompson had the honor and privilege to participate in and sponsor the Murfreesboro Half Marathon in 2009 and is planning to do so again this year. Dr. Thompson believes that staying healthy is an important part of life and that dental health can have a huge impact on someone's overall general health.

"Congratulations on participating in the Murfreesboro Half Marathon! Whether you ran, walked, cheered or helped organize the event, your involvement attests that you see good health as an important benefit..."

Dr. Thompson supplied the ice-cold sport towels for the runners at the finish line, and himself finished in 9th place in his division in the race.

Medical research over the last twenty years has shown repeatedly that bleeding, diseased gums are linked to multiple health problems. Bleeding gums are caused by a bacterial infection, and are recognized by dentists and physicians alike to be a serious health consequence.

Unfortunately, over 74% of the US population of adults suffers from bleeding gums.

Studies suggest that, when periodontal disease and bleeding gums are present you are: * seven times more likely to have or develop heart disease * three times more likely to have a stroke * seven times more likely to deliver a pre-term birth infant * at increased risk for diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and failure of any organ transplant you may need.

For more information on how to maintain good dental health, feel free to visit Dr. Thompson's website at http://www.drroytthompson.com.

"Your health can be directly affected by bleeding gums and diseased teeth. Dentistry plays a role in your general health and I would like to play a role in your dentistry." - Dr. Roy Thompson