Personal Injury Claims Solicitors warn of the "deadliest month" for accidents involving Fork Lift Trucks

Hinchliffes Solicitors, a leading firm of personal injury claims, issue a warning to everyone about the "deadliest month" for accidents involving Fork Lift Trucks (“FLTS”) during the month of September.

Online PR News – 04-September-2009 – – August 20, 2009 - Worcestershire, England - Hinchliffes Solicitors, a leading firm of personal injury compensation claims solicitors, issue a warning to everyone involved with Fork Lift Trucks (FLTs) highlighting the dangers associated with this type of equipment, particularly during the month of September.

Statistically, September is the "deadliest" month of the year for accidents involving FLTs. Accidents frequently occur when FLT drivers or pedestrians in warehouses are distracted, or simply assume that they have been seen by the other party. Most of these accidents are entirely avoidable. In respect of those that happen because of the failure of an employer to have a safe system of work in place, or because of the negligence of a colleague, the injured person may well have a strong claim for personal injury compensation against the employer (who will also be responsible for the actions of their workforce).

Around 400 workers are seriously injured in FLT accidents every year, with the most serious accidents resulting in around 10 fatalities annually. Many more suffer less severe injuries, but which can still be painful and result in having to take time off work to recover.

Solicitor Steven Hinchliffe, the Principal and owner of Hinchliffes Solicitors, said: "Whether it is because people are returning from holiday and not fully concentrating on their work, or for some other inexplicable reason, there are about twice as many FLT accidents in September than in any other month. As September is almost upon us, workers need to be extra vigilant for their own safety and also for the safety of others."

Because FLTs are such heavy machines, accidents often result in the injured worker having to take time off immediately afterwards, which can mean they lose wages and struggle to keep up with household bills. Even though they have 3 years in which to start personal injury claims against their employer, it is always the best option to contact experienced claims solicitors straight away. Specialist personal injury compensation solicitors will not only ensure that the correct level of compensation is recovered for their injuries, but will also strive to recover all financial losses, including lost income.

For many years the Government and health & safety interest groups have taken steps to try and improve safety in the workplace and also to reduce the number of personal injury claims from work accidents. They have achieved a degree of success in this regard. However, Phillip Roberts, an Associate Solicitor with the firm, says: "There is still a cavalier attitude with some employers about the safe use of FLTs and many employees race about the workplace in these high powered and potentially lethal machines. It is therefore not surprising that accidents continue to happen, with workers being badly injured."

Steven Hinchliffe believes that it will be a long time before accidents in the workplace become a thing of the past, and it is likely that a certain number of accidents will always happen. Fortunately for injured workers, in cases where the accident was the fault of another party they have some means of redress by making personal injury claims against the party at fault. In this situation, in order to maximise the amount of personal injury compensation they can recover, they may want to consider contacting specialist claims solicitors direct.

If you are in any doubt about how to make personal injury claims, discuss the matter with solicitors Steven Hinchliffe and Phillip Roberts, who can be contacted free on 0800 138 1348. Alternatively, they will respond to enquiries made via the firm’s website