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08/22/2010 is your one stop solution on all the facts and information on how to gain weight and pack on lean muscle for the hardgaining skinny person! Here you will find nutrition, workout and supplement guides as well as success stories by people who have successfully gained weight and who will teach you how to gain weight.

Online PR News – 22-August-2010 – – For all the skinny guys out there who have always had trouble gaining weight throughout their whole lives and has tried everything out there, a new website was recently launched just for you. It specifically targets the "hardgainers", those people who actually have trouble gaining and maintaining their weight and who have always been small and skinny their whole lives. Now there is no need to look on various fitness websites that obviously do not relate to you specifically.

A skinny hardgainer trying to learn how to gain weight from copying professional bodybuilders is one of the biggest mistakes he or she can make. You have a unique body that requires a very different nutrition and workout regiment compared to other guys who were born bigger and more naturally muscular. There cannot be enough stress on this fact - hardgainers are different. Their bodies are different and they require different information. offers a solution to that problem for people trying to learn how to gain weight and who have been skinny all their lives. The site includes nutrition, exercise and diet information as well as motivational videos and successful transformation stories
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