A New, Crowdsourced Resource For Higher Education Practitioners Highlights Postsecondary Innovation

The Higher Education Leadership and Innovation eXchange Launches the HELIX Innovations Collection

Online PR News – 22-August-2010 – – Boston, Massachusetts - The Higher Education Leadership and Innovation eXchange (HELIX) announces the launch of their online, crowdsourced resource HELIX Innovations Collection at http://innovations.helixhighered.com. The Innovations Collection is intended to spark conversation about new ideas and promising practices for the next generation of higher education.

"The Collection invites higher education practitioners, researchers, and policy makers to make their voices heard and speak out about potential solutions to the challenges faced by the education field today," said Jim Woodell, HELIX co-founder. "True innovation is open. We created the HELIX Innovations Collection to allow everyone concerned with improving higher education to share and comment on innovative solutions."

Applying the interactive potential of Web 2.0 technologies to problems in higher education provides the opportunity to share innovations quickly, identify their potential, and refine them with the help of peers worldwide. Visitors to the Collection can suggest innovative solutions, comment on suggested ideas, and rate an idea's potential to influence the field along several 'innovation dimensions'.

"It is our hope that the innovations which receive broad support and fine-tuning by the 'crowd' will be picked up by practitioners in the field and discussed, piloted, and perhaps even implemented by their home institutions. We hope that true linkages between and among research, policy, and practice will be forged from such collaborative efforts," said HELIX co-founder Greg Lamontagne.

About the Higher Education Leadership & Innovation eXchange (HELIX):

HELIX is a networking and information sharing resource for Higher Education research, policy, and practice. Founded in 2010 by Jim Woodell and Greg Lamontagne, HELIX is located in Boston Massachusetts.