Retail Technology and 24Seven Cart Expand Strategic Partnership

Retail Technology and 24Seven Cart Expand Strategic Partnership to Better Serve Brick-and-Mortar Stores in Saudi Arabia.

Online PR News – 20-February-2015 – Jeddah – Saudi Arabia, in spite of being one of the largest retail markets according to Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) still lacks behind in incorporating of modern retail solutions. They still rely on traditional way without using computers, which has deprived them of the benefits offered by the modern ecommerce solutions, which can potentially double their profits in a short span of time. Thus, Retail Technology and 24Seven Cart have expanded their partnership to serve Brick and Mortar Stores in Saudi Arabia in a better way.

Retail Pro serves as a comprehensive POS (Point of Sale) software and merchandising solution, 24Seven Cart offers an all in one ecommerce platform. This powerful integration gives the merchants an opportunity to operate online stores in parallel with their physical stores with ease. Further, the Retail Pro partnership with 24Seven Cart enables merchants to manage customer data and inventory between the web store and POS on real time basis. The major benefits from the integration are:

1. Easy to Update:
Undoubtedly, with a wide of range of products available on sale updating the inventory of a physical store and an online store simultaneously can become a herculean task. So, with the integration of Retail Pro and 24Seven Cart, it becomes a cake walk. If a store with Retail Pro is updated, automatically the ecommerce website also gets updated and vice versa. Thus, saving a considerable amount of time and energy.

2. Multiple stores on a single platform:
With the seamless integration of Retail Pro and 24Seven Cart, it is possible to connect multiple retail outlets to a single hassle-free platform. Also, it is possible to obtain a collective report of sales, backorders, payments and even shipping details from each store.

3. Real Time Updates:
With this combination, the physical stores with Retail Pro and web store can access updated information on a real-time basis or as per the frequency that best cater to the business needs. Updates can be schedules at hourly or even daily basis as per preference.

4. Creating an expert environment for global business:
The integration can help the merchant to expand their business virtually into any market all over the world. Also, this fine ecommerce solution supports multiple currencies, regional regulatory policies and taxations in over 18 different languages, which makes it capable of catering to an international business. Thus, increasing the sales for your business not just within the store but all over the world.