Real Wealth Celebrates $50 Million in Reclaimed Superannuation Funds

To date, Real Wealth has helped hundreds of clients locate and consolidate more than $50 million in lost super funds.

Online PR News – 19-February-2015 – Gold Coast – Real Wealth announces today that is has found and consolidated more than $50 million worth of misplaced superannuation funds for its clients. The success of this service is the result of Real Wealth’s commitment to aid every Australian in achieving his or her retirement goals.
"The key problem facing many Australians is the amount of unnecessary fees they are paying for multiple super funds. Every day we find Australians with not only multiple accounts with different super funds, but multiple accounts with the same fund,” David Orth, a representative of Real Wealth, said.
The Australian government setup the Superannuation Guarantee Contributions policy to ensure citizens saved enough money for retirement. As of July 2014, employers pay 9.5% of an employee’s earnings into a super fund, with that percentage increasing to 12% over the next few years. Employees can make additional contributions to the fund, as well.
However, one in four Australians have more than five super funds. With their finances scattered through various funds setup by different employers, one in two people have lost super funds. The statistic is especially troublesome when a third of all workers cannot afford to retire by the age of 65.
“It is easy for us to sit back, blame the government, blame big business and overpaid CEO's but the truth is, we all need to start taking better control of our finances and not leaving it till it's too late,” Orth said.
In addition to uncovering missing super funds, Real Wealth also assists its clients with establishing a self-managed super fund as well as utilizing their super to purchase property and pay insurance.
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About Real Wealth
For years retail and industry super funds have been underperforming and over charging clients. No longer can Australians just sit back, rely on their employers to pay superannuation contributions, and be ready to retire with a lifestyle they deserve. Now is the time to step up, take action and take control of your financial future. It is time for a change.
Real Wealth provides you with this change. The company is not composed of financial advisers that simply sell managed funds and insurance. It is an independent firm that focuses on wealth creation, viewing itself as a financial coach rather than a sales guy peddling financial products. As such, Real Wealth matches its client’s individual needs with the best products and services available.