Storage Facility in Southern DE becomes Green

Because of its success with renewable energy alternatives, Secure Self Storage is considering becoming more green. Secure Self Storage is analyzing the impact of using green roofs, solar panels and wind generators.

Online PR News – 22-August-2010 – – Secure Self Storage in Rehoboth Beach, DE is proud to announce that the facility is running on solar power! After more than a year of planning and construction, the primary use of the local electric utility ended on July 7, 2009. At that point the recently installed solar panels began generating electricity to run 90% of the site. During the day the panels actually produce more than 100% of what the site needs and sell power back to the utility company. The facility essentially becomes an electricity producer and the meter literally runs backwards. It is exciting to make a change like this that is good for the environment and will result in passed-through savings for the customers.

With the success of the solar panels at Rehoboth, Secure Self Storage has recently been exploring more green concepts: green roofs and wind power. Both of these concepts could be used at a number of self storage facilities.

A green roof is a concept that involves installing vegetation on all or a portion of a roof. The vegetation serves a number of purposes, including insulation and roof protection. It also reduces water runoff, which can make a difference in places like NYC where the sewer system gets easily inundated. Green roofs can considerably reduce heating bills and can preserve a roof for many years beyond its normal life. Secure Self Storage is looking at a succulent called sedum. It survives year round and can even have some color in the spring depending on the type.

Wind power is a great renewable energy resource that is accessible to properties near the ocean. These facilities could potentially install one or more wind turbines that will generate electricity for a site. If enough turbines are installed, a company can generate more electricity than it uses and sell it back to the local power supplier for a profit. In some cases, buildings surrounding a site can block too much of the wind. In urban areas, man-made barriers will likely increase over time. This means that those facilities closest to the water will be the most effective at capturing the wind.

Secure Self Storage is considering wind power and green roofs for the following properties: Coney Island (which services southern Brooklyn) and Rehoboth Beach (servicing southern Delaware).

Open since 1999, Secure Self Storage in Rehoboth Beach is the premier storage solution. With a friendly staff and great prices, there is no reason to store anywhere else.

Open since 2009, Secure Self Storage in Coney Island is a brand new facility that features temperature controlled units and a very convenient location. This facility is accessible to Bensonhurst, Bath Beach, Seagate, Gravesend, Sheepshead Bay and Manhattan Beach.

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