XLS to PST Conversion Tool Further Diminishes Contact Duplication Chances

SysTools Excel to Outlook software is available now in the updated version 3.0; in which, this XLS to PST conversion tool has further diminished the chances of contact duplication. The feature of de-duplication is enhanced further to rule out any possibility of contact repetition at all.

Online PR News – 22-August-2010 – – Gothenburg, Sweden, August 20, 2010 – SysTools Excel to Outlook version 3.0 is out now for public use. Now, this XLS to PST conversion ( http://www.vcardexport.com/convert-excel-to-pst.html ) tool has been made to forbid any occurrence of contact repetition i.e. one particular contact entry will appear only once in Outlook, regardless of its multiple appearance in the XLS sheet.

Concerning this feature enhancement, Evan Swans (Director of Product Development, SysTools Group) is delighted and he speaks, “We want to make our Excel to Outlook software a perfect solution for MS Excel to Outlook migration, so that users avail maximum benefit out of it to convert .xls to .pst file. With the de-duplication feature enhancement, we have tried to forbid the occurrence of duplicate contact entries. Our users will be pleased to know that one particular contact entry will appear only once in Outlook, no matter if it is appearing a number of times in the XLS sheet.”

Many Excel users, who store important contacts in XLS files; and who use Outlook for their emailing requirements, often tend to come across the need to transfer Excel to Outlook contacts. Considering this need of users to convert Excel file to Outlook, SysTools developed Excel to Outlook tool.

While entering contacts in Excel sheets, users tend to enter same contact multiple times. However, when they convert Excel contacts to Outlook contacts, they do not want this duplication to appear. Acknowledging this need, SysTools enhanced de-duplication feature to make sure that contact entries appear only once in Outlook. http://www.vcardexport.com/convert-excel-to-pst.html