LiteFuze VT-5000 Watt Voltage Converter Transformer - Step Up/Down at

LiteFuze Voltage Converter is a more affordable and powerfull Voltage Converter built in smart circuitry provides multiple layers of defense against harmful surges or voltage spikes. Strategically placed copper coils will convert the current so you can use your items worldwide without worries.

Online PR News – 22-August-2010 – – Step Down Voltage Converter/Transformer
Allows you to Use 110/120 Volts North American (USA) Products in other countries where there is 220 volts electricity such as Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Step Up Voltage Converter/Transformer
Allows you to Use 220/240 Volts Products from overseas in the North American (USA) where there is 110/120 volts electricity.

Key Features

* Up to 5000 Watt continuous use capacity with LiteFuze VT-5000
* Single phase Dual Voltage Step Up or Step Down functionality
* 6 Output Sockets
* 4 x 220V Outlets for 220V products
* 2 x 110V Oulets for US products
* US Patented Universal Output Socket
* Smart circuitry and high resistance copper coil ensures durability
* Fully Grounded Transformer from Input to Output for safe operation