Editor Estefania Sequeira Continues to Use Her Talents to Bring Captivating Stories to the Screen

Estefania Sequeira, the editor of Katie Burden's "My Blind Eye" music video, embarks on another exciting project with Joshua Izenberg's upcoming documentary.

Online PR News – 18-February-2015 – Los Angeles, CA – Multi-talented film editor Estefania Sequeira has continued to impress audiences on an international level with each new project she takes on. Last year Sequeira reached a new level of success with her work on Anthony Lucero's ("I Need My Mocha," "Who Are They?") feature film "East Side Sushi," where she worked as the assistant editor of the film.

Estefania Sequeira was also the editor on the music video for Katie Burden's single "My Blind Eye," directed by Marta Dymek last year. A video heavily influenced by the abstract, "My Blind Eye" opens up with Burden standing in an indoor space as snow flurries fall around her. As the video progresses viewers see what at first seems to be a fur shawl around Burden's neck come to life in the form of a large furry animal, similar to those seen in the film "Where The Wild Things Are." Without Sequeira's ingenious editing skills it wouldn't have been possible to bring the animal to life in the seamless manner seen in the video.

Burden recalls, "Working with [Estefania] was a wonderful experience. Her creative vision and skills as an editor played a critical role in the making of my music video and the national recognition that proceeded. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone in need of a talented editor and I hope to work with her again in the future.”

A beautifully shot video, Sequeira used her talents to cut the shots in a way that added incredible impact to the dynamic progression of the song as it unfolds on the screen.

Who Are They?

About her work on the music video Sequeira says, "I got to work with extremely talented people and it was one of those projects that reminded me of why I love working in this industry. One of the things that I love about working on music videos is the huge freedom you have to be creative and spontaneous."

In addition to working with Katie Burden, Estefania has also worked as an editor and videographer for Plastic Villains, The Kid Rated R, DJ Tall Sasha and Sofar Sounds, a global underground music movement; but what she finds the most fulfilling is her work with documentary films.

"My biggest passion is documentary filmmaking. I think people are so interesting and I often find them quite inspiring," explains Sequeira. "I get very excited about sharing peoples stories and in my videos I aim to create a powerful connection between the viewer and the people being featured."

Sequeira is currently working on the upcoming documentary "Internado," which will take viewers on a journey to Instituto Nacional de Salud Mental, Honorio Delgado-Hideyo Noguchi, a clinic in Peru led by Dr. Martin Nizama.

Sequeira says, "This is a documentary that puts a spotlight on a clinic in Peru that has very controversial methods of treating drug addiction, including interning and drugging patients against their own will… Basically these people are forced into these clinics by their families and they can’t leave, they are basically imprisoned."

The film is being directed by multi-award winning director Joshua Izenberg, who is known for his work as the director of the films "Slomo," which received an award at the Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival, the IDA Award at the International Documentary Association, the Jury Prize at the RunRiver International Film Festival and the Audience Award at the Ashland Independent Film Festival, as well as "Albatross," "Blue Market," "Dads" and "Ants and Elephants."

"One of the challenges with this piece is that it’s very interview heavy. We have a bunch of interviews from patients, families and doctors; and the challenge is to find a balance between the interviews and the little amount of b-roll we have," explains Sequeira. "We want the piece to have a certain flow that keeps the audience engaged in what feels more like a story, and not have the majority of it be talking heads."

Aside from working with Joshua Izenberg on the upcoming documentary film "Internado," Sequeira has worked with the director on several other high-profile projects including internal videos focusing on design research for automaker Audi, promotional videos for Evernote, fitness and cooking videos for Grokker, and tutorials for 3D printing company Cubify: 3D Systems.

Overall Estefania Sequeira has shown over the course of her career that she has the kind of creative vision and flexibility as an editor that allows her to take on a vast range of projects while adding her unique touch to each one.

As for the future, Sequeira says, "Through my career as an editor I hope to expose the power of peoples' eccentricities and the inspiration that can be found in their simplest of acts.”