PG Worldwide Media launches iWatchMusic TV Network

Industry veteran Philip 'Gates' Jordan launches iWatchMusic TV Network which is broadcast in over 200 million homes worldwide

Online PR News – 19-February-2015 – New York, New York – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:



NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK- February 2015, IWATCHTV - Philip Gates Jordan of PG Worldwide Media Inc -announces the release of its well anticipated High-Quality, On-Demand, Multi-Media family entertainment network! Presenting, IWatchTV – Reaching 50,000,000 US homes and 150,000,000 viewers overseas, (200 Million viewers total) with 24hr Programming/7 days a week. IWatchTV’s global network extends its entertainment programs into the living room of everyone's home and mobile device, capturing the attention of both the traditional audience and new generation combined. Invading your Cable TV sets, Mobile Devices and Social Media space
with availability on Cable – TV –Web – Mobile Apps i.e., iPad, iPhone, Android and Smart TV
worldwide, you’ll never miss a beat when you EYE it first on IWatchTV!

STATESIDE REACH – LA, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Miami, Vegas, Georgia, Alabama and more.

OVERSEAS REACH – England, China, Japan, Jamaica, Sweden, The Netherlands, Kenya, Africa and more.

Offering a full scale of entertainment for viewers, entrepreneurs and consumers alike, IWatchTV introduces new and original TV series; featuring TV, film, music videos and products where TV and Mobile viewing audiences enjoy the roll of sitting in the driver’s seat and grabbing the wheel from the comfort of their living room sofas to out and about hot spots while traveling. It’s a place where YOU decide what ground breaking pilots and what music videos get the chance to air next to A-list Star Studded Movies and Videos!

IWatchMusic TV empowers its viewers to be the new wave of global panelist to take over the industry each and every time they press that (POWER) button. What sparked the attention of pre-screened audiences the most? The interactive, social media outlet application, where audiences became users, utilizing their IWatchMusic TV, social media account to watch or listen to new and original TV shows, videos or music tracks then, Comment, Share, Like, Post and send Messages. Giving them the same interactive allowances as accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other online sites, their social media capabilities are endless!

IWatchMusicTV- THE VISION- Imagine a place where the underground world of entertainment meets the internationally known syndicate of the entertainment industry. A place where millions of viewers, staring through their TV set get to select, view and rate you. That industry executive, tuning into his TV set or logging into his IWatchMusic TV Mobile App; taking a break, clearing his mind,
enjoying their favorite movie, TV show, music video, sports and commentaries or flipping through the next best read they can find. Sitting down directly within the living room of his home, he see’s YOU for the very first time. To that next up and coming artist, actor, film producer, author and entrepreneur that means no gatekeeper and no middleman. Just you, your charm, content, invention, creative writing or pretty face in the middle of their TV or Mobile Device screen. IWatchMusic TV – The only place where you can secure, “THE APOINTMENT,” without the Appointment.

IwatchMusic TV – THE LAUNCH – Hip-Hop’s choice, fashion and entertainment marketing Guru, Mr. Philip Gates’, CEO of PGWWM, Executive Producer of IWatchMusic TV – and his esteemed team of veterans within the film and entertainment industry, bring the official stamp of urban industry recognition, adding to the appeal of diverse variances of demographics to both the public and mainstream industry eye and fun entertainment within the urban culture. With a new and advanced outlook on interactive audience participation, Gates opens the field to do what he does best- CREATE. “We are eliminating the middle man,” says Gates. “Here is a world that YOU create, as an interactive part in the submission of your own material. With IWatchTV, not only are you a contender, but also that same consumer audience having the (POWER) to rate the next best
product, next best show or next best entertainer, adding them into the mix of mainstream TV shows and music channels you watch and listen to everyday. Whether it is 20 seconds of fame, 15 minutes or just another face on your TV screen, YOU, did that.”

Mr. Gates and his army of critically acclaimed film executives also approach the release of their major motion picture, “Blame It On The Hustle,” first featured in the 2013 issue of EBONY Magazine, featuring; Ving Rhames, Bokeem Woodbine, Mekhi Phifer and DMX set to be released in early 2016. A 20yr industry veteran, Philip “Gates” Jordan, feeling honored at one of the few
“African-American” film producers, has now been added to the roster of “Executive Producer” along side, Will Smith and Jada Pinket-Smith, John Singleton, Oprah Winfrey and Spike Lee. With the release of his IWatchTV Network, already anticipated to be the new era of both social media and global TV entertainment network combined, Mr. Gates has several TV projects currently running such as, The Sara Shulevitz Show: Legal Fashionista - A Miami bases lifestyle talk show which is in its second season, hosted by prominent Miami Defense Attorney, Sara Shulevitz; and recently aired show, The Code which is a combination of Fashion trends and Ground-breaking Music debuted December 2014 on the IWatchTV Network .

CEO Gates and PGWorld Wide Media Group continue to drive this world wide monster of entertainment, creating unpredictable possibilities, taming it just enough to achieve the impossible.

“IWatchU – UwatchMe” IWatchMusicTV – Your new home of Opportunity.
Currently viewed in 200 Million homes worldwide. Contact Info:
Instagram: IWatchMusicTV
Facebook: IWatchMusicTV Twitter: IWatchMusicTV

Written by: DeeAnna Lopes, CEO Gold Locks Entertainment