NuLife Herbal Program for Weight Loss Guaranteed in 15 days; Up to 40% Commissions Paid on Products

NuLife's clients report they are having to stop taking the herbal products because their weight loss goals were reached in less than 15 days!

Online PR News – 24-February-2015 – New Orleans, LA – NuLife has developed a strong customer base with their new line of weight loss products designed to give results in just 15 days. Combined with up to 40%+ commissions this makes NuLife's Weight Loss Program a win-win scenario. NuLife Express has partnered with a team of Doctors, Nurses, and Consultants to develop this new safe herbal way to lose weight, feel great, and earn residual income.

During clinical trials 30% of users reported that they had to stop the program because their weight loss goals had been achieved earlier than the 15 days that NuLife had stated in their program literature. 95% reported significant weight loss with over 85% obtaining their weight loss goal in the 15 day period per the program literature. As with any of the many other weight loss programs out there, weight loss will depend on your caloric intake and program participation.

Existing customers have reported anywhere from 10-15 lbs loss in just 15 days following NuLife's program. The shake and herbal supplement system works, in conjunction with one another, to curb hunger, produce lean muscle, and give an individual energy, all while making commissions if participating in the member program.

This program does not only address weight loss, but overall body health including heart, vision, energy, inflammation, and more. A variety of NuLife's product help address and prevent a majority of major health issues.

NuLife offers member and non-member pricing, combined with some of the industries top paying commissions. Commissions are paid at the end of the month and are based on an individuals position in the company. lowest paid commissions for entry level are 20% on products up to 40% + 5% + monthly bonuses for top sellers.

There is a video explaining the programs key features on the sites business opportunity page.


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