CyberVision released a new release of Kaa open source platform for IoT with updated functionality.

CyberVision released a new release of its Kaa open source platform for IoT.

Online PR News – 19-February-2015 – Bal Harbour – CyberVision is thrilled to announce the new Kaa 0.6.3 release!

This release introduced further enhancements to the C endpoint SDK and Operations server. The main focus of the release was on the transport layer of Kaa, which was thoroughly overhauled to achieve a coherent, modular architecture and allow developers to quickly implement their own transport protocols for communication between the server and endpoints.

The Kaa transport level now exposes a clear, efficient abstraction that can be easily implemented to make Kaa-based products use arbitrary messaging protocols or systems. The system also provides a sample ready-to-use transport based on the Kaa TCP protocol. The new transport architecture is reflected on the Transports page. You will find instructions on how to create a custom transport on the new Creating custom transport page.

Another highlight of the release was porting of the C endpoint SDK for iOS. The instructions on building the C endpoint SDK, including for iOS, are available on the Endpoint build and integration instructions page.

We have also added the Glossary page where you will find the most common Kaa terms and their descriptions. Finally, there is a number of new helpful diagrams in the Design reference and Programming guide.

The full list of new features and bug fixes can be found on the What’s new page.

Please share your thoughts and suggestions with us on the Kaa forum. We welcome your ideas and want to know what you’d like to see in the upcoming releases of Kaa.

About the Kaa Project
Kaa is an open-source platform for building and enhancing applications in the realm of Internet of Things. Kaa allows companies to expedite a products’ time-to-market, increase performance, and attract subscribers. Kaa introduces standardized methods for enabling integration and interoperation across connected products. The Kaa IoT platform is licensed under Apache 2.0, and is 100% open source. Kaa is designed to be robust, flexible, easy to use and deploy.

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