Nova Cells Institute Announces Lewy Body Dementia Breakthrough

Nova Cells Institute of Mexico's pioneering treatment for Lewy Body Dementia turned things around for 76 year old Arthur Rechlo

Online PR News – 17-February-2015 – Tijuana, Mexico – Lewy Body Dementia is a devastating, incurable brain disease that progressively whittles away most sufferers' cognitive functions including their ability to focus, sleep well, or walk normally. Those with advanced LBD may have trouble swallowing liquids and solids.

LBD currently affects about 1.4 million Americans. Both radio and TV personality Casey Kasem and Oscar® winning actor Robin Williams had LBD.

There is no cure and the best available medical care is largely aimed at relieving symptoms and alleviating suffering. The one thing doctors never see is an advanced LBD patient who can hardly walk or talk begin doing so. Until now.

Canadian Arthur Rechlo, 76, has advanced LBD which his daughter summed up as "The final stages of dementia. He is experiencing dehydration and choking, trouble walking and his talking has decreased down to nearly nothing". She added, "My father still knows who we are and understands our conversations but has a hard time getting out what he would like to say. He speaks in hushed tones and is hard to understand. We would love to be able to have conversations with him again and for him to be able to do more things for himself, like bathing and brushing his teeth and being able to dress himself".

On February 5th Arthur was picked up by Nova Cell's shuttle at his hotel in San Diego. The driver and his helper noted that Mr. Rechlo was escorted out in a wheelchair by his wife, Vicky, and was "very stiff, and had a vacant look while keeping his eyes fixed on the floor. Also, his face was pale, his features lifeless and his loving wife was continually cleaning off drool that poured out of his mouth. As soon as he caught sight of our van and us he became very agitated and afraid. It took three of us to put him in the shuttle."

When Arthur arrived at Nova Cell's contracted hospital the admitting people noted that his mouth was very dry, which prompted his wife to give him a few drops of water with a spoon, which resulted in his choking twice. A nurse stepped in to siphon off the saliva and phlegm from his throat, though throughout this procedure his wife and daughter, Kim, were actually scared that he was going to choke and literally die.

Mr. Rechlo was treated later the same day by Nova Cells Institute affiliated doctors with a combination of adult (nonembryonic) stem cells primed in NCIM director of laboratory services Abel Pena's lab to become specific types of body cells. These were given by lumbar puncture and via injection into a vein along with the Beacon Factor, plus he received large quantities of NCIM's proprietary Beacon Factor alone by i.v. (intravenous) drip into his arm.

Within two hours after his stem cell and Beacon Factor treatment, Arthur opened his eyes, slowly looked around, and began acknowledging those talking to him. About an hour later he fixed his gaze on his wife for about 30 seconds and then on his daughter. At this point a single tear rolled down Arthur's cheek, which caused his wife, daughter and Nova Cell's patient care coordinator, Grace Odgers-Pena, Ph.D. cand, to tear up.

Following his treatment and preparation to return to his hotel in San Diego, Arthur tried to get out the NCIM shuttle by himself. He even insisted that those around him to let him do this entirely on his own. However, everyone present was afraid he'd fall and insisted on helping him disembark. They all remarked how pink and animated his face had become. It was evident too his facial muscle tone had improved. After leaving the van Arthur asked for a drink of water.

With 24 hours of Arthur's return stateside, his daughter Kim was on the phone excitingly telling Grace that her father had walked 6 blocks and had also gone up and down short flights of stairs. In addition, he could now swallow normally and was speaking using whole sentences. She exclaimed, "My father is doing things he hasn't done is five years!"

Then, upon arrival back home in Canada, Miss Kim texted Nova Cells that "My father is using the restroom by himself and played cards with me on the flight home. And he is telling jokes!"

A few days later Arthur's wife, Vicky, got word to NCIM that he wanted to give her a Valentine's day card. She got one for him and asked if he wanted her to read it to him. He remarked that he could read it for himself, did so, wrote a few endearing lines on it, and then signed his name. Vicky emphasized the fact that her husband had not done this sort of thing in over five (5) year's time. On top of this, she reported that Arthur is now undressing himself to go to bed and brushing his teeth, then added that "everything he used to do before is coming right back".

How is such a rapid turnaround possible? NCIM biochemist Abel Pena, who invented the Beacon Factor, attributes Arthur's incredibly fast response to the powerful circulation-enhancing, inflammation quelling properties of his brainchild, plus the fact it appears to greatly increase the number and activity of serotonin receptors on neurons (which increases or amplifies nerve signal transmission).

Said Abel, "The Beacon Factor was created by combining molecules that exist in all of us. In laboratory experiments and then later human use it proved very powerful in terms of enhancing circulation, suppressing inflammation and bolstering the number and activity of serotonin receptors in the central nervous system especially the brain. Patients including children who came in with cold, bluish limbs due to poor circulation had these pink up within an hour or less of receiving the Beacon Factor. And those with runaway inflammation including neuroinflammation and other brain imbalances showed dramatic reductions in this. In addition, the Beacon Factor amplifies the biochemical signals secreted by damaged tissue and boosts the activity of lysosomes, the inner cell's 'digestive system', which then get busy digesting biological debris that litters damaged and diseased neurons and other cells."
"The amount of Beacon Factor doctors administer is determined by each patient's age, body size and weight. Adults get a lot, children less except in instances in which there is inflammation present in the extremities. When this occurs the child gets more."

NCIM researchers and Abel were quick to add that the primed stem cells themselves secrete compounds that amplify nerve signals and oftentimes produce rapid improvements in functioning in children and adults with neurologic illnesses and conditions. Children with spina bifida, brain injuries and cerebral palsy given primed umbilical cord stem cells by NCIM doctors have oftentimes enjoyed rapid improvements, sometimes within hours of being treated.

Abel Pena has been nominated to receive an honorary PhD by a Hawaiian university in recognition of his contributions to the advancement of medicine including his Beacon Factor.

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