Abriani Velroa Reveals Landmark Investigation Unlocking the Mona Lisa

Abriani Velroa shares his 5 year intensive research and journey inside the secrets of Leonardo da Vinci, unraveling the untold mystery of the Mona Lisa.

Online PR News – 17-February-2015 – New York, NY - February 17, 2015 – [NEW YORK, New York – February 17, 2015] New York City art enthusiast, collector and researcher, Abriani Velroa, announced today that he has concluded his landmark investigation and unlocked the hidden mystique into humanities most revered, and least understood treasures, Leonardo da Vinci’s wrongly titled, Mona Lisa. Abriani Velroa shares his journey inside the deepest secrets of the art of Leonardo da Vinci. For the first time in 500 years, Velroa reveals a monumental twist in art history demystifying the masterpiece for the world to finally see.
After 5 years of intensive research, Abriani Velroa announced today that he is ready to present an unexpected definition and view of the masterpiece, that has never been revealed before.

Widely acclaimed as the best known work of art and mysteries in the world, the Mona Lisa has stirred art society for centuries. The amount of speculations that surrounds this masterpiece and her creator remains undefined. The ambiguity of expression, frequently described mysterious piece of art, the subtle modeling form, and distinctive illusion has contributed to the continued fascination and study of the work; leaving it only natural that countless art historians, critics, scientists and researchers have tried to unravel the untold mystery, until now.

Abriani Velroa has developed a patent pending process digitally mimicking a natural environment. Without changing or making any alterations to the artist work, this process brings out to the open the complete work done by Leonardo Da Vince in a three dimensional magical world, exposing the truth to the naked eye using mathematical precision. “The masterpiece itself has rules which have to be followed in order to see it completely and understand it. It comes down to two simple rules, distance and movement, an unconventional combination way to view the piece.” said Velroa. He further adds, “What da Vinci had created was three dimensional images perfectly moving in sequenced within a confined space. We must understand that the painting is actually a technology that has not yet been recognized nor recorded. Leonardo da Vinci successfully created his own magical world, a world that defies the principles of optics and physics. However, in order to successfully view Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, we must approach the work with unconventional rules that do not follow the rules of today’s art.” Velroa explains that the three most important factors necessary to open the painting are lighting, angles and distance, with equal and precise functions. When all three are perfectly aligned, new layers are opened. Velroa angles the painting to a certain distance with the right amount of light being implemented, allowing the masterpiece to be viewed the way the creator had made it and intended that it be viewed.

Abriani Velroa’s final result consists in a 5 archive digital encyclopedia. Each archive contains never disclosed before videos and pictures that will take visitors step-by-step, layer by layer, detailing how to view Leonardo da Vinci’s secret art. Velroa’s research sends readers on a voyage through a free educational web-gazette full of surprises.
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