Ergo In Demand Lends Ergonomic Expertise for New Product Design

Leading ergonomic products website Ergo In Demand collaborated with Kathy Starkey in designing her new product, the Kangaroo Sit Stand Desk Top. This innovative sit stand workstation sits on your existing desk and adjusts the height of your computer monitor and keyboard for sit-down or stand-up work. Changing postures while working on the computer is well-documented for relieving stress on the back and neck.

Online PR News – 23-August-2010 – – When Kathy Sharkey found herself in need of a sit stand workstation, every available solution seem involve replacing her existing desk with a new $1,000+ option. She recalls, “As the Plant Manager of a tool and die manufacturing facility, my job required many hours on the computer daily. I noticed that the pain was not that bad if I was standing or walking, but came right back when I sat for any length of time.”

Not wanting to dispose of the desk she had, and finding little-to-no alternative, Kathy at first tried stacking boxes on her desk to elevate her monitor to standing height. But that proved precarious and difficult to adjust when she wanted to alternate positions. Kathy went on to invent a unique sit stand desk top solution, the Kangaroo Sit Stand Workstation.

The innovative sit stand desk top sits on your existing desk and provides a height adjustable platform for your keyboard and monitor. The platform adjusts along a vertical track within a 14” range for instant sit to stand flexibility. Variations on the design provide mounting for LCD monitors. With her husband, Daniel, Kathy co-founded Ergo Desktop to manufacture and sell the sit stand workstation.

In October of 2009, the Sharkeys found Ergo In Demand through an Internet search and made contact.

We had zero experience with Internet sales and did not know where to turn for honest help

“We had zero experience with Internet sales and did not know where to turn for honest help,” Kathy says. “We Googled "height adjustable desk" for a week and EID was always on the first page. We noted other companies as well and began calling to see if they would be interested in carrying our product. I think most picked up on our inexperience and decided not to get involved, but when we called EID, a very sweet person named Melissa spoke to us and gave us her thoughts. There was something definitely different about Melissa....she cared.”

Melissa Cox, Sales Manager at Ergo In Demand, remembers taking the Sharkeys’ call. Having written about and managed sales of ergonomic products for years, she drew on the substantial knowledge she and her sales team had cultivated to make suggestions and give guidance to Kathy during the research and development stages of the Kangaroo sit stand desks.

One of the first things Melissa noticed about the prototype Kangaroo was the all-aluminum construction with diamond-plated base. “Cool-looking if you worked in a factory, but not very appealing to the office environment,” Kathy conceded. “Melissa made suggestions regarding color and design that were implemented. She also suggested that we manufacture a dual-monitor unit.”

With growing success, the Sharkeys are selling their Kangaroo series height adjustable desks through the Ergo In Demand website, as well as locally and regionally from their home town of Celina, Ohio.

“We have decided that our next product will be geared towards the iMac users.” Kathy says. “We have gotten many inquiries from iMac owners who love the concept of the Kangaroo, but it is not designed for the size and weight of the awesome iMac unit.” She adds, “This is the exciting part for Dan. What’s new? How can we make the product better? What do folks want that is not being served?”

To learn more about the Kangaroo Sit Stand Workstation Desk Top, visit and type “kangaroo” into the site search.

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Founded in 2009 by Daniel and Kathy Sharkey, Ergo Desktop manufactures the one-of-a-kind Kangaroo sit / stand desktops. Headquartered in Celina, Ohio, the husband and wife team now serve as the sole manufacturers for the Wallaby, Kangaroo, Kangaroo Pro and Kangaroo Elite products all designed to convert any existing desk into a sit / stand workstation. To learn more, visit

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