Ceragon Selected by GovNET to Boost Public Safety and Government Services in the State of Arizona

GovNET invests $4.6 million on scalable, wireless products to carry a wide variety of affordable communications across the state

Online PR News – 17-February-2015 – Paramus, NJ – Ceragon Networks Ltd.(NASDAQ:CRNT), the #1 wireless backhaul specialist, today announced that its FibeAir® IP-20 platform has been selected by GovNET, a specialized telecommunications firm that focuses on local, state and federal agency intercommunications, to deliver a high availability, super high-capacity and scalable wireless network—backbone and access nodes—across the State of Arizona. The value of the Ceragon component of the project is $4.6 million.

The GovNET network serves the needs of mission-critical entities, including emergency services, judicial branches, schools, libraries and hospitals, to securely communicate via high-capacity connectivity previously unavailable in rural areas of the Western U.S and at affordable rates. The network is designed to handle the specific needs of government intercommunications with utmost security and reliability. It serves public safety and is compatible with FirstNet, a U.S. nationwide broadband high-speed network dedicated to public safety.

Pat Barringer, CEO of GovNET explained, “In order to span the large area of 88,000 square miles across Arizona and to deliver high-speed communications to underserved areas affordably, we opted for a high-capacity and rapidly deployable wireless network, for our access and backbone networks. Ceragon Networks’ FibeAir IP-20 platform, using 2048 QAM, allowed us to meet all of our performance requirements, using a single platform, with up to 99.999% reliability and high security, perfectly suited for mission-critical and public safety applications.”

Ceragon‘s FibeAir IP-20A, ultra-high capacity, high availability multicarrier solution provides the network’s backbone and meets all of GovNet’s current requirements, while providing the necessary scalability to expand as needs change and traffic volumes grow. The all-outdoor FibeAir IP-20C extends the network to the far reaches of the state through ultra-high capacity wireless links using licensed microwave spectrum over difficult terrain. FibeAir IP-20C’s unique multi-core architecture combines superior radio performance with reduced power consumption and form-factor, thereby providing GovNET with additional scalability as capacity can be doubled when GovNET’s needs grow – with no site visits required.

“Our FibeAir IP-20 platform offers GovNET a high capacity, scalable solution at the lowest cost of ownership,” stated Ira Palti, Ceragon’s CEO and President. “The GovNET deployment is a great example of the benefits offered by our IP-20 platform serving various customer needs and using a single operating system, CeraOS. GovNET is able to quickly and easily deploy both the IP-20A and IP-20C, to serve both access nodes and the backbone - with maximum performance in each.”

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