Games.Org.Au Becomes The #1 Gaming Portal In Australia

We are living in the world of ultimate entertainment. With the introduction of life like graphics in the online games, the gamers are swarming towards the online games websites available online. Hence it is high time to spot the best online games site.

Online PR News – 04-September-2009 – – Tullamarine, September 2009 - We started our hunt for the best online games website region wise. Our first country of choice was Australia. Upon our search on the Internet, we found that Games.Org.Au is one of the leading online games portal in Australia. As this free games website seemed to be very promising, we headed straight to the developers of the site. We wanted to confirm two factors to crown Games.Org.Au as the best games portal in Australia. The fist one without doubt is the visitor count of the website. “We have been offering great online games for quite a while now. We have attained huge popularity through all these years. Though it is not our company policy to disclose our visitor’s details, I can show you the proof for the immense numbers of gamers playing games in our free games website” says Mr. Boris Jelic pointing towards the statistics of Games.Org.Au. Obviously, Games.Org.Au wins the first step of our test.

Next parameter that we had in our mind was the number of games made available in the free games website. We were convinced by having a look at the website itself that Games.Org.Au is without doubt the largest online games portal. However, we just needed some figures about the online games available in this portal. “We cannot say the actual number of games in our portal as there are countless numbers of the. Approximately, there will be more than 10,000 games available for our gamers. Remember that this online games portal is updated daily and so the games count will be increasing each day.”

Having a huge collection of games doesn’t matter. How about the gamer experience with these games? We had a try with a few free games and to be honest they are really thrilling. We spent some three hours playing some great games in this portal.

Speaking on the move, Mr. Boris Jelic said, “There is no strings attached and no registration required to play. Our site is open for anyone who would like to come and play ton of games free of charge online. So are we in the top spot of free games service providers?”

Our answer is “Without Doubt, you are!”

About Games.Org.Au is the largest online games portal in Australia. They have over 10,000 free games and their games are updated daily expanding our never ending games range. Games are divided into several categories such as action games, adventure games, casino games, coloring games, customize games, dress up games, driving games, fighting games, puzzle games, shooting games, and sport games.

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