"How to Understand and Accept Your Gay Son" Released by Grant Andrews and Malan van der Walt

A new book by bestselling authors Grant Andrews and Malan van der Walt gives information and guidance to parents who are struggling to accept their gay sons.

Online PR News – 17-February-2015 – Cape Town, South Africa – Grant Andrews and Malan van der Walt, bestselling authors from Cape Town, South Africa, have released their new book entitled "How to Understand and Accept Your Gay Son (Even If You Don't Think You Can)".

The release comes on the heels of reports of many recent LGBT suicides and the US Supreme Court's impending decision on gay marriage.

The book was inspired by the authors' work in the fields of gender and sexuality research, as well as running support and social groups with LGBT students. Having witnessed many young men be rejected by their families when coming out, Andrews and van der Walt decided to write a book for parents in dealing with their confusion in a challenging time.

The book contains two broad sections: section one is entitled "Understanding Your Gay Son", with chapters ranging from homophobia, gay culture, religious objections to homosexuality and the important concepts and terminology. Section two, "Accepting Your Gay Son", provides example dialogues which parents can use to talk to their gay sons, as well as providing many resources to help parents who are struggling to find acceptance.

The book is currently available for free on Amazon until 02/17/2015 in Kindle format, and can be downloaded at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TCNQRV2. It will be on sale for the regular price of $4.99 once the free promotion ends.

The authors can be contacted at grant.andrews@backtoincomplete.com and malanvdw@gmail.com, followed on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/gandrewslife, and their official publishing house website, Inspired Living Books, can be accessed at http://inspiredlivingbooks.com.