release ID card software for developing student and employee identity cards

Design printable ID cards for identification and security purposes by business organizations.

Online PR News – 15-February-2015 – Clearwater/Florida – Today use of ID cards is much beneficial for business and educational institutions for personal identification for any person at time because entire information are clearly specified such as Name, department, DOB, email address, company name etc along with picture of that particular person. In some colleges and schools, ID cards are use for Library resource checkout, timekeeping system entry along with check cash transactions at accounts department. Not only in Educational institutions, are ID cards very useful in multiple business organizations such as Press, media, Education, health service companies etc in simplest way. Now designing and printing bulk number of ID cards at same time, there is a great need of software that easily perform this task in very fast manner. Download DRPU ID card maker software that is the best way to design and print large number of ID cards at same time without any need of applying technical skills. Card maker program consists of advanced designing tools like text, line, star, images, barcode etc that helps in developing ID cards in different pattern as well as printed them on paper sheets using laser printers. Using multiple predefined templates, users easily make Photo identification cards with different pattern and features for different business process along with an option to save them in multiple image (jpeg, gif, wmf) and Pdf format for future use.

Features of ID card maker software such as :--->

Predefine Templates: Program consists of predefined templates which will be used by any user for instant creation of ID cards.

Save: After Designing ID cards, program enables to save identity cards in image format like jpeg, gif, wmf etc for future use.

Export feature: Program facilitates to export photo ID cards as image or Pdf format

Browse Image: while designing ID cards, program enables to append picture and image.

Create batch processing series: program enables to create batch processing series of large information that helps in creating bulk number of ID cards at same time.

Print feature: After designing ID cards, Program enables to print generated cards to any specified paper sheet using laser printers.

Email functionality: User directly Email generated ID cards to any specified Account in simplest way.