Business Compatibility Quiz One of Many Tools for Solopreneurs

New website, Passion to Traction, helps solopreneurs tap into their vision and passion to develop uniqueness, presence and social media strategy.

Online PR News – 14-February-2015 – Midland, Ontario – New website focuses on the needs of the solopreneur and home-based business. This website dives into the falsehoods of corporate business advice and replaces it with common sense, attainable and strategic solutions for the individual in business. As a solopreneur or small business owner, we have the most power to design our life and business to resonate with our passion... but ironically we are the least likely to do it!

Working from home or a small office is an isolating experience unlike any other. There are no partners or staff members to brainstorm with. Solopreneurs cannot afford the money for an IT department or Marketing staff yet must perform online marketing in order to compete. With no time to gain the knowledge and no readily available strategies for that micro-business, they waste hours and stress trying to copy what they see others doing. With virtually no retur

My clients have always wished they could attend the courses I teach at college - I am so thrilled to now be able to deliver that content online!

Based on this reality, Passion to Traction offers a series of free courses, articles and solutions that speak directly to that smaller business. The simple tutorials and advice on this site are free to anyone to use to discover how to register a domain name, set up hosting, build a Wordpress website, use an email list, create a client process and more.

The free Passion to Traction module helps the solopreneur get crystal clear on what drives their business from purpose to passion to core message. Then helps turn them into goals and strategies that fit their lifestyle and abilities.

Little-known free or low-cost tools are recommended and demonstrated to help the "little guy" get the professional results they may have believed were out of reach.

Filled with videos and worksheets in the site's blog and course section, the approach is friendly and clear. Fun tools such as this Business Compatibility Quiz can help the solopreneur identify issues in their business structure. The story and case study based structure makes the lessons and ideas easier to absorb while the cheat sheets allow the entrepreneur to work with confidence.

Site owner Cher Cunningham brings to the site her experience of over 20 years of web design and years of teaching seminars and college courses. Cher says, "My clients have always wished they could attend the courses I teach at college - I am so thrilled to now be able to deliver that content online!"

Visitors are encouraged to share questions and request tutorials that apply to their specific needs - or volunteer to be a case study participant.

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