Independent songwriter, Thomas William has a novel idea on how to improve the music industry.

Independent songwriter, Thomas William is not only selling digital music, he is also giving away partnerships in his management company, SuperFan™.

Online PR News – 15-February-2015 – Saint Louis, Missouri – Thomas William has been writing and recording original music for nearly 30 years. To his estimation, he has written over 3,000+ original songs and he now has seventeen original Online records in high quality digital audio available on BandCamp for $5.20 each.

Sometimes packed with over 300+ songs, Thomas knows that his records are a "damn bargain", especially in today's horrid economy, where everyone's incomes have decreased exponentially while everything else known to man, have increased.

YET, Thomas is actually stepping up to the plate like no other artist in the history of music.

As of December 2014, Thomas has been offering "incentives" to people who purchase his records for more than his $5.20 asking price. These rewards actually range from partnerships with those spending $252,200.00, all the way down to his asking price.

Seeing that BandCamp allows buyers to "name their price", Thomas began giving away "incentives" into a brand new Music Venture that he is calling, SuperFan™ and has seen immediate success.

"I think people are already into funding new ideas because of the success of Kickstarter and RallyHero. What I wanted to do was to reward the folks who liked my music enough to actually partner with them instead of just giving them a few chotskies like bands do with those other companies", Thomas said.

"I mean, have you ever wanted to start your own business but really didn’t know what you had to do to get it going -OR- what you wanted to even market, produce or whatever.? With SuperFan™ you can become a Partner or even a Board Member in a Private Company within the Music Industry. If that interests you, then I think SuperFan™ is for YOU.


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