Adventures in Weight Loss Announces New ‘Duo Weight Loss Plan for Two People’

Adventures in Weight Loss, the leading diet consultants, innovators of medically supervised diet regimes, has announced a new plan for people dieting in pairs.

Online PR News – 13-February-2015 – 13-2-2015 Brisbane, Queensland – – Adventures in Weight Loss, the leading diet consultants, innovators and providers of medically supervised diet regimes, has announced a new special plan for people dieting in pairs.

The plan has been developed based upon the new “Essentials Weight Loss Plan” and “Ultimate Weight Loss Plan” offerings.

The “Duo Weight Loss Plan for Two People” recognises that many people diet with a partner or friend and need changes in their dieting regime to take that into account.

Adventures in Weight Loss Business Manager, Ratna Rashid, explained the logic behind the new product’s development.

“Dieting can be a lonely business. That can be particularly true in situations where your immediate circle of friends and family are still eating ‘normally’ because they don’t have any weight challenges or have chosen not to do anything about it.

Even in situations where they’re giving you bags of encouragement, you can still feel as though you’re the only person in the world facing the challenge of losing weight.

Of course, that’s not true but it can seem that way. That’s why we place such emphasis on coaching support and also encourage dieters, where at all possible, to work with someone locally who is also undertaking our program. For example, we offer special joining fees for people joining together rather than as two separate individuals.

However, if dieting in a partnership can be a huge advantage, it can also create the odd challenge – particularly if you’re eating with someone else on a regular basis.

So, our Duo Weight Loss Plan for Two People involves all the benefits of our Essentials and Ultimate Weight Loss plans but we have customised the recipes to take into account meals for two. That takes into account things such as cost-effectiveness of the meal as well as making sure that its nutritional and calorific values are exactly as required by your diet plan.

We’d welcome the chance to explain in more detail to any two people planning to diet together”.

Interested parties can discover more about this special duo plan through the following link to the Adventures in Weight Loss website.

About Adventures in Weight Loss

2006 saw the establishment of Adventures in Weight Loss by leading healthy eating expert Graham Park.

Based in Queensland, it has grown to become a major force in weight reduction and has helped large numbers of people to initially lose then to control their weight based upon bespoke diet programs built upon an assessment of each individual’s unique body chemistry assessment.

Adventures in Weight Loss has also developed, in conjunction with its medical associates, programs aimed at helping to prevent diet-related illnesses such as Type-II Diabetes.

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