RISE: Brand New Early Morning Ultimate Fitness Program Opening

50% OFF Grand Opening Pre-Sale for the first 30 people to sign up. Includes 15 minutes private lesson & a free pair of kickboxing gloves.

Online PR News – 13-February-2015 – Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn, NY, USA, February 13, 2015 -- Grand Opening March 2, 2015. Introducing the new ultimate fitness—An early morning series of workouts that are exhilarating, fat burning, body sculpting, life altering, soul awakening and a fun filled way to begin the day!

RISE by AmeriKick® is dedicated to creating a non-stop adventure for your body, mind and soul. Expert? Beginner? Just curious? All are welcome. For the nationally certified RISE instructors, safety is top priority. At RISE, its kept fresh, fun and exciting; always pushing to find the hottest workouts trending the world as well as creating RISE signature workouts.

RISE is conceived and owned by Sensei Alex Davydov and ACE certified Instructor Carrie Schechter. Respectively, Sensei Alex and Miss Schechter are known for their explosive levels of energy, competitive spirit and complete dedication to their students.

The benefits of exercise are limitless. Exercise improves mood, helps control weight, combats health conditions, boosts energy, improves sleep and most importantly—It is fun. Rise has created 3 different workout styles in 1 program. Combined or separately, clients will achieve results.

Sign up for a 50% off the year. Included 15 minute private session and free kickboxing gloves.

Grand Opening Date: March 2, 2015
Location: Amerikick 529 5th Ave Brooklyn NY 11215
Website: https://amerikickbrooklyn.perfectmind.com/SocialSite/rise-fitness-brooklyn
Phone: 718.768-8200
Rise: risebrooklynfitness@gmail.com
Carrie Schechter: carrie@carrieschechterstudios.com

Get the day started off correct with a fun, heart pumping, fat burning, stamina building hour of kickboxing. The always updated MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) inspired routines are performed on heavy red bags. In each workout they will stretch, warm-up with cardio and peak with an ever intensive abdominal madness session to conclude the hour. Punch and kick their way into a better, stronger body and a happier, more relaxed mind. If the client put the work in, the student will start seeing the results of their efforts in just weeks. Don’t worry if a person has never hit a bag before or if the student beats one regularly, the instructors are here with the students the whole way. High or Low impact intensity options are available for all fitness levels. Gloves required (available for purchase at RISE) BODY 360 7AM AVERAGE CALORIE BURN: 800+Move over Michelangelo, there’s a new sculptor in town! Chisel the body into a personal piece of perfection. This class is always evolving, keeping the body transforming and the mind active. The focus is on sculpting and toning the entire body while burning the calories away. Best part, no burpees. The heart rate will elevate as reps change in speed and degree of difficulty. Isolate and strengthen the muscles while working all areas of the body—With a focus on core. Suspend, push, pull, and lift to a toned body. High or Low impact intensity options are available for all fitness levels. Equipment used but not limited to: TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise) Resistance bands/loops, weights, heavy balls, kettle balls, floor sliders, Barre Warrior style moves and Pilates. Classes will be unique circuits. TNT BOOT CAMP 8AM AVERAGE CALORIE BURN: 1200+ This total body sculpting class is held in a fast-paced boot camp style format. Working everything Strength, endurance, flexibility and cardio. Engage all muscle groups and work-up a sweat with this complete hour of effective calorie-burning. Class format changes each time. High or Low impact intensity options are available for all fitness levels.FORMAT:One weight exercise for one minute, one minute of heart pumping cardio (tabata, HIIT, speed bags, kickboxing, etc). Equipment used but not limited to: TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise) Resistance bands/loops, weights,heavy balls, kettle balls, double mounted balls, heavy bags, plyometrics (jump training) cardio, endurance training and Pilates. Gloves required (available for purchase at RISE)
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Carrie Schechter
529 5th Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11215