Security and Privacy, meet Anonymity. WiFiConsulting, Inc. Unveils Tor and a VPN client on a Tiny Hardware Firewall.

Online PR News – 13-February-2015 – Washington DC – Washington, DC. - February 16, 2015

WiFiConsulting Inc., a provider of public VPN services since 2001 has released a third generation Tiny Hardware Firewall at http://www.TinyHardwareFirewall.com .
The new unit adds a Tor client layer of anonymity to the security of a hardware firewall and the privacy of a VPN.  The Tiny Hardware Firewall is a sub credit card sized mobile security endpoint that protects the user’s devices from hacking attacks and malware by shielding them behind a hardened hardware firewall while leveraging the 256bit AES VPN and cloud based anti malware infrastructure of HotSpotVPN.com.

The Internet is an increasingly hostile environment and mobile devices are under the same Cyberseige previously reserved for desktop computers and laptops. There is no software to download and configure and the Tiny Hardware Firewall protects mobile devices from hacking attempts and encrypts all of the users traffic. Not one unsolicited packet will arrive at the user’s device because the hardware firewall will block all unsolicited incoming traffic. Local hackers running port scans, firesheep, or other hacking tools will have their attempts dropped by the hardware firewall. This is something no software firewall can accomplish.

The Tiny Hardware Firewalls also provides all the protection of a VPN without any of the time consuming downloads, setup and configuration hassles users typically face when using a VPN. The Tiny Hardware Firewall is truly a zero config plug and play solution because there is no client software to install or configure. The user simply logs into the firewall’s inward facing web application to control the device.

With the Tiny Hardware Firewall the mobile computing user can finally securely use open untrusted WiFi Hotspots and untrusted wired networks. All traffic including voip, dns, web or chat will be encrypted over these networks. The Tiny Hardware Firewall can run off the USB power of a laptop, AC, or even the small batteries used to recharge phones. It works with wired or wireless Internet connections and will simultaneously protect four of your devices. The battery powered units are self powered and can even provide a charge for phones in emergencies.

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WiFiConsulting, Inc. was founded in 2001 and provides VPN and wireless network security consulting services to individuals, corporations and government agencies.
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