WIF 2010: The International Event of Interactive design and Digital contents

“I’m thinking of you: Communicating your presence to a loved one, in context of mobility”- Such was the theme of this top-level, 24-hour, non-stop digital creation contest bringing together the world’s top 35 teams on June 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2010 in Limoges, France at the Web-design International Festival 2010, the leading international event devoted to digital content and interface design professionals.

Online PR News – 20-August-2010 – – Following a closing ceremony placed under the sign of the digital revolution, WIF 2010 President of Honour Remy Bourganel, Design Director and Head of User Experience at Orange Vallée and co-Director of ENSAD’s mobile digital ID search lab unveiled the winners’ list, selected by the international jury. France’s Bobbie Team came first, winning €15,000, followed by runners-up Vitrolaspin from Brazil and the Japanese team. The Great Hopes Prize, rewarding a student group, went to Argentina’s “Emedele”! The Originality Prize was awarded to “Kaptein Internett” from Norway. First time in 2010, the Public Prize (via a web app) helped Italy’s “Ochodurando” attract the audience’s favour. In all, over €75,000 in cash prizes and equipment went to reward the best teams at WIF 2010.


This year, over 40 nationalities took part in the pre-selection phases. On the occasion of the 2010 edition, 9 countries joined the franchised territories network. Local, physical pre-selections were held by Web agencies Dogstudio in Belgium and Nel Segno dell’8 in Italy, universities Tama School Art in Japan, Educacion IT in Argentina and IGM in Norway, the cities of Obninsk in Russia and Nabeul in Tunisia, and last but not least the Filigrane Agency, an expert in French/Chinese relations, all of which helped WIF extend its community over the five continents.


The first WIF DEMOS gave 8 start-ups an opportunity of presenting a technological, marketing or common use innovation to a demanding audience made up of investors, venture capital players and potential buyers. A jury (Orange Vallée, Groupama Innovation, France Angels, Legrand, Groupe Réflect) voted for the most innovative 2010 demo. Les Editions Volumiques, sponsored by Etienne Mineur, garnered substantial support with their 2 interactive games, Pawn and Pirates. Fully in keeping with the studio’s spirit, both those games combine the fun of a board game and an interaction via modern interfaces.

WIF CONGRESS: Top-level conferences

WIF conferences and workshops, organised by the Elopsys competitiveness cluster, gathered over 400 viewers during the 3-day period.

The HTLM5 workshop conducted by Peter Lubbers of the Kaazing Company was highly successful.

According to their respective interests, viewers were able to find out about interface prototyping with Fred Beecher of Evantage Consulting, new developments from CSS with Dave Shea, as well as attend a much-appreciated address by Stéphane Hugon, a sociologist and researcher at the Sorbonne’s CEAQ, in which he spoke about societal change and technological innovation.

On the topic ‘body and interface’, Etienne Mineur of Studio Incandescence captivated the audience with an address about a return to tangible matters throughout the media.

In marketing and business model terms, Manuel Diaz of Groupe Reflect presented an introduction to attention marketing, which sets the consumer at the heart of the process. Also, Jean-Noël Portugal of Intuneo made a clear, concise presentation in which he took stock of web business models… during which he gave highly informed advice to project leaders.

Benoît Drouillat, President of Designers Interactifs, and Olivier Marcellin of Textualis, expanded on information design and the online press, topics that were both further explored during a round table conducted by Sébastien Genvo, a teacher and researcher at Limoges University.

The WIF President of Honour Remy Bourganel from Orange Vallée ended this conference cycle with a presentation on the mobile communication models to follow the Internet/Telecom convergence.

There were also numerous other conferences, coming soon via podcast on the WIF website.


141 webdesigners from India are a part of the WIF community. Indian webdesigners participated in the preselections held during the WIF 2008, organized in Bangalore. The facilities were arranged by Ray + Keshavan, a leading branding consultancy based in Bangalore. Ray + Keshavan are also the official partners of the event among others like Adobe India, CIOL.... This year, 5 teams of Indian webdesigners participated in preselections for the WIF 2012.


- 9 organising countries, with 1 finale held in Limoges, France

- An online community of close to 3,000 professional web designers

- Over 15,000 visitors from 80 territories and 65,000 pages accessed on the WIF website

- Real-time web really takes off, ranking #WIF in 3rd position of French trends (with a frequency above 10,000 tweets during the closing evening session)

- Wif is also 50 France3 Limousin Poitou-Charentes live broadcasts on the www.france3.fr website

- Close to 250 traffic sources listed

- In 3 days, over 300 emails sent and 17 publications on the Wif Facebook page

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