3 Dental Implants, Successfully Placed in 99-Year-Old Patient - By Dr. Bhalla

Dr. M S Bhalla successfully performs placement of 3 dental implants in a 99-year-old patient - Dr. Bhalla Dental Clinic in Ahmedabad, India!

Online PR News – 12-February-2015 – Ahmedabad – TRULY AMAZING! Dr. Manjit Singh Bhalla, with 3 Dental Implants getting successfully restored in a 99-year-old lady, just cherishes this patient’s favorable outcomes. An Approach of Dadi Janki, the Global Head of Brahma Kumaris, to Dr. Bhalla was indeed a big trust that she had put in him for the surgery to get greatly accomplished!

The procedure was a whopping hope to get her completely revived with her dental functions that she once lost! Although it indeed sounded a huge operative challenge, Dr. Bhalla achieved it. An objective of making her ever comfortable the way she eats, talks and smiles is truly established!

The video of this dental procedure is viewed at -

The dental procedure included,

The successful placement of 3 Dental Implants (Nobel Biocare) at the upper right posterior segment, an intraoral region. The surgery was certainly an outstanding surgical expertise of Dr. Bhalla. His state-of-the-art clinical infrastructure based in Ahmedabad (India), modern clinical technology embedded with high-quality surgical equipments and highly trained staff were the keys to success.

The process was performed without any constraint or discomfort ending up with the best results as planned. The video exhibits a fine piece of surgical steps involved in the procedure as a whole! It was indeed a pain-free surgery.

Post-surgically, Dadi Janki was all relaxed and happy. And, of course; why not would she? After all, she had had her three of dental implants successfully placed at the same time and is now on her way to the most desirable oral life.

Dr. M S Bhalla, being the leading implant surgeon, has successfully served international and domestic patients with various dental treatments. This surgery regards just as an added leaf of his medical success through contemporary dentistry!