Turkish Producer Meric Aydin Lends his Talents to Three Upcoming Films

Working with Eclectic Picture, producer Meric Aydin continues production on the feature films "Du Cap," "Without Apparent Motive" and "The Census Taker."

Online PR News – 12-February-2015 – Los Angeles, CA – For producer Meric Aydin 2015 is shaping up to be a busy year as he continues the development of the upcoming films "Du Cap," "Without Apparent Motive" and "The Census Taker."

Over the course of his career as a Hollywood producer, Aydin has worked with Bee Holder Productions ("You Don't Know Jack," "Kevorkian"), and Underground Films, a Los Angeles based management and production company that represents A-list clients from writers to directors, and is known for producing the films "Remember Me" starring Robert Pattinson and Pierce Brosnan, "License to Wed" with Robin Williams, and "All About Steve" with Sandra Bullock.

As a Jr. Development Executive at Eclectic Pictures, the production company behind the films "Lovelace," "Playing for Keeps" and others, Meric Aydin is currently working as the associate producer on the films "The Census Taker," "Du Cap," and "Without Apparent Motive." While the plots of the three films bare dramatic differences they do share a common element, murder.

"The Census Taker" follows a wealthy couple from New York's Upper East Side as they struggle to maintain their innocence after the body of a well-known real estate developer is discovered in their apartment.

According to Aydin, "The reason we went forward with the project was the Hitchcockian tone it possessed. Interestingly, features in suspense genre such as "Gone Girl" reopened this platform and the film’s recent box office success proved the demand for those types of films. In fact, realizing this, Ben Affleck and David Fincher reteamed to do a remake of Hitchcock’s "Stranger's on a Train." We would like to reach to this demand through our own film."

Without Apparent Motive

Taking its title from the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in France, helmed for being a haven favorite of film stars during the Cannes Film Festival, the upcoming feature "Du Cap" centers on an ex-paparazzo who is called in to get a scoop during the festival; however, after the murder of a star unfolds the ex-paparazzo is tasked with capturing a much larger story.

"This is a fun concept to go with… it will be an interesting take on what could happen in the festival," explains Aydin.

As for Meric Aydin's other upcoming project, the film "Without Apparent Motive" follows Jimmy Karp, a sullen but equally genius homicide detective who finally gets the recognition he's been craving after a string of bizarre murders bring his work into focus in the eyes of both the public and an intriguing woman. Eclectic Pictures and Millennium Films are producing the "Without Apparent Motive".

"I went along with it because I've always had this thing for film noir type of films. I enjoy the darkness combined with Art Deco style architecture, and where there is also a femme fatale as an archetype," says Aydin about the film.

Adding to Meric Aydin's appeal and success as a producer is the fact that he is a screenwriter as well. Last year Aydin's screenplay for the hour-long television drama "Reminiscence" gained attention at Final Draft's Big Break Contest. The show, which is currently in the packaging stage, centers on a dystopian society ruled by a corporation where memory implantation is a part of everyday reality and the notion of truth is lost. Yet, through the involvement of an outsider, seeds of rebellion are sowed in an opposing organization that calls itself Veritum. Together they take action to dismantle the current standards accepted within this society, life-changing philosophical questions arise over whether some things are better kept secret.

Founder of Jupiter Creative and Account Director at Troika, Patricia LaVigne says, "A quarterfinalist among 7000 submissions in Final Draft's screenplay competition, Meric Aydin’s screenplay 'Reminiscence' makes Meric see from a writer’s point of view… making him a stronger producer, capable of guiding other screenwriters in the right direction and see their work achieve production."

Meric Aydin's experience as both a writer and producer puts him leaps and bounds ahead of others in the industry, as he is able to determine the commercial value of a screenplay from the first read and assist screenwriters in the right direction in order to take their work from the page to the screen.

He says, "If I like the project but if it's neither commercial or a good fit for the company of which I'm speaking from, I will give hints to the writer about what we are looking for… This industry is based on communication; asking questions, getting answers and acting upon them."

Beyond his creative strengths, Meric Aydin is a whiz at analyzing the box office success of past films and using this information to not only decipher what audiences are looking for, but also what kinds of films will make the most bang for their buck.

As a key contributor to Eclectic Pictures, Aydin says, "What we are interested in most -and this is the more statistical part- is that we create projections for our projects. That way we are able to give an overview of how much the financier can make through the sales and the box office. To get accurate results, we analyze how comparable films did in the box office, and eventually we see what type of film would do well in domestic and which one would work in foreign. By doing that we are able to alleviate the obscure elements to some extent and comfort the financier."