Freshclean’s Floor Cleaning Products Revitalise Industry

Industrial cleaning is no longer a headache thanks to Fresh Clean. With a wide range of commercial cleaning products it takes care of all cleaning needs at affordable prices.

Online PR News – 20-August-2010 – – For Immediate Release

Revolutionary dry floor cleaning product Freshclean looks set to change the way we work

Buckinghamshire, UK, 18 August 2010 – UK chemical masterminds Freshclean ( is sweeping the board (literally) with their revolutionary new floor cleaning products. The new look cleaning chemicals are changing the way most major companies clean their premises – or, in the case of cleaning companies, clean everyone else’s premises – and they’re having a positive effect on the environment too. Won’t be long, it seems, before even domestic cleaners are running scared in the face of this double-pronged onslaught.

Freshclean (it’s a product name as well as a brand) is basically a dry stored cleaning product, which, when added to water, becomes a highly efficient, pleasantly scented industrial quality cleaner. Because it’s dry, it can be stored super efficiently – one of the first floor cleaning products ever not to take up huge quantities of space in the storage areas of the companies that use it. All that happens is this: Freshclean is stored dry, added straight to a mop bucket when required, and used as necessary. That means a company can store hundreds and hundreds of “litres” of the stuff in the space normally occupied by a single bottle. According to the Freshclean management, this represents a huge cash saving, meaning customers can purchase these astonishing new floor cleaning products for as little as £15 per 210 litres. That’s got to be making the standard liquid floor cleaner providers turn green.

Talking of turning green, Freshclean’s environmental impact (or rather lack of it) is cause for celebration too. Because the product is dry stored it needs far less packaging than its liquid cousins (imagine how much plastic it could take to store 210 litres of liquid cleaner, as opposed to the amount of powder that can make 210 litres of floor fluid). The new floor cleaning products from Freshclean seem to be winning from every angle. To know more about Freshclean products and their prices, visit

About Freshclean
Freshclean is a UK based manufacturer of powdered cleaning products that are, at the same time, extremely powerful and eco-friendly.

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