Leading Cinematographer Guy Pooles Continues to Take the Film Industry by Storm in 2015

Cinematographer Guy Pooles starts 2015 on a high note with two films screening at festivals around the world, as well as an upcoming feature in China.

Online PR News – 11-February-2015 – Los Angeles, CA – In 2014 Guy Pooles lent his extraordinary cinematographic talents to the films "Open 24 Hours" and "You're a Little Late," which will screen at international festivals this year.

Directed by Henry Chaisson, "Open 24 Hours" is a beautifully shot dark comedy that follows a nervous man into a small town gas station convenience store where he attempts to purchase a role of duck tape and a bundle of thick rope, all the while staring at the trunk of his car through the store window as the car jerks back and forth. Adding urgency to the man's desire to get on with his evening, the town sheriff enters the store and although it is clear to the clerk and the sheriff that the man is in the middle of an attempted murder of sorts, both parties are ultimately unfazed.

A testament to Pooles' remarkable skills as a cinematographer, and the talented team he collaborated with on the film, the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival recently chose "Open 24 Hours" as an Official Selection and will screen the film during the festival this month.

Incorporating dramatic lighting, Pooles constructed the imagery of the film in a way that diverges from the common approach to comedy films today. He says, "There is an ideology that exists with many filmmakers, which insists that you must approach the visual language of a comedy far differently to how you would a drama. I strongly disagree with this mentality, and believe that one must always utilize the tools of cinematography to define the drama and central conflict of a narrative, whether your film be comedic or not. I believe that it is the context of the shots within their narrative that makes a film comedic, not the shots themselves."

Born and raised in England, Pooles has shown throughout his career that he is beyond gifted at crafting powerful images, but the underlying factor that has allowed him to surpass his contemporaries in the field of cinematography is his fearless attitude towards going against the grain in terms of common approaches to filmmaking and his innate ability to think outside of the box.

Guy’s work is infused with a delicate beauty. His ability to tell a story through imagery alone will take this story of a small Chinese village and open it up to a large international audience.

When asked about how his style differs from other cinematographers Pooles admits, "I can’t speak for the motivations of my contemporaries, but my approach to visual style is that it should be created from scratch for each individual project, and then shed upon completion. Visual style should serve the telling of the story, and to carry it over to another project implies that you are telling the same story again, which is never the case."

In 2014 Guy Pooles also worked on the quirky comedy film "You're a Little Late." Written and directed by Templeton Scott ("The Wig Project") and Kristian Kordula, "You're a Little Late" follows Luis Tulley, a successful but erratic screenwriter who reports a burglary after coming home to a disheveled mess of papers strewn about his home.

Pooles recalls, "It was very important to the directors and I that we lulled the audience into believing that they had a solid grasp on the nature of this seemingly mundane breaking and entering investigation. To do this, we tried to embrace a series of camera angles and lighting designs that would seem entirely familiar and even slightly mundane… by establishing this, the directors and I were then able to slowly deconstruct it with each reveal of the narrative."

After officer Mills arrives on the scene Tulley realizes the only thing missing is his incomplete masterpiece. As Tulley begins losing his marbles over his stolen masterpiece the officer excitedly begins telling him what a huge fan she is, an odd turn of events that brings Tulley to believe that there is a strong connection between the officer and his missing gold mine.

Produced by Two Wheel Productions, "You're a Little Late" stars Eric Edwards from the films "The Beverly Hillbillies," "The Little Rascals," "National Lampoon's Senior Trip," "Dead in Love," "Candyman" and "Blade."

Pooles was also honored in 2014 by the American Society of Cinematographers with the Linwood Dunn Heritage Award for his work as the cinematographer on the film "Dirty Laundry." Directed by Aaron Martinez, "Dirty Laundry" is shot from the perspective of a lonely 8-year-old boy whose mother is lost in a dark depression after the boy's father abandons them. An incredibly touching film infused with mystery, "Dirty Laundry" also received an award from the Directors Guild of America, a Golden Starfish Award at the Hamptons International Film Festival, a Special Mention Award at the Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, as well as others.

Pooles also worked as the cinematographer and director on the music video for indie folk artist Bryarly Bishop's single "In the Bright Daylight," which was released earlier this year. Pooles used his expertise in direction, camera placement and lighting to beautifully craft a video that brings the story behind Bishop's lyrics to life visually.

A highly sought after cinematographer across continents, Guy Pooles has also been tapped as the cinematographer for a feature film directed by Cecilia Li that will shoot in China later this year. “Guy’s work is infused with a delicate beauty. His ability to tell a story through imagery alone will take this story of a small Chinese village and open it up to a large international audience,” says director Cecilia Li.

Currently entitled "Moonlight," the film is based on the true story of a young boy whose father dies in a mining accident leaving him under the supervision of his grandmother; however, due to her in ability to cope with the loss of her son she keeps the truth a secret from her grandson about his father's passing.