Freestyle Unveils its New Look Panasonic Telephone Systems

Freestyle Communications has an experienced team of telephone engineers that provide Panasonic business telephone systems across UK.

Online PR News – 20-August-2010 – – For Immediate Release

UK comms company Freestyle has trained a new generation of telephone engineers to install a new generation of telephones

Essex, UK, August 16 2010 – Remember when a telephone was just a telephone? No? Neither does anyone else. Particularly not Freestyle Communications ( which has just unveiled its new generation Panasonic telephone systems: and the telephone engineers who are going to install them.

Business comms systems have been getting progressively more useful, in recent years. These days, they can manage virtually every aspect of incoming and outgoing communications from an office environment – from voice to text and back again without so much as a flicker. Freestyle’s new Panasonic systems are capable of managing the whole lot – Internet based communications, mobile and landline telephone handsets, conference calls – you name it, the Panasonic telephone systems Freestyle’s newly trained telephone engineers are now installing can do it. Take email, for example. Back when communications started becoming available on multiple devices, and in multiple formats, email was a simple way of sending text based messages to employees and clients. With Freestyle’s Panasonic system, email can, just as easily, be a transcript of an answer phone message or even a real time text delivery of a spoken message that someone is currently leaving from a mobile or landline handset.

The world, Freestyle has been quick to point out, is changing. As such, a telephone engineer is no longer a simple telephone engineer. Freestyle’s new telephone engineers, who have been trained according to accredited modern comms systems standards, are effectively combination maintenance people, IT systems analysts and network engineers – a full on communications department, in other words, for any company. Coupled with these astonishing new Panasonic telephone systems, the Freestyle workforce is uniquely placed to install and maintain a whole new generation of business communications portals. It only remains to be seen how long they can maintain their running start, before everyone else catches up with them. To know more, visit

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Freestyle Communications is a UK based business communications with a workforce distinctively placed to install and maintain a complete new generation of business communications portals.

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