MC Fabrications is Releasing a New Pencil / Pen / Stylus - The Graphis

The Graphis is what you make it. A pencil. A pen. A stylus. In five different materials, including titanium and carbon fiber. Accpeting pre-orders now!

Online PR News – 13-February-2015 – North Aurora, IL – Early this month, MC Fabrications launched its 3rd Kickstarter campaign. A clutch style mechanical pencil/pen/stylus, called the Graphis, is available in many different materials, including Titanium and Carbon Fiber.

With a diameter of 1/2” and just under 5” long, the Graphis fits in the hand nicely. Each material, with their individual weights, offers a different experience:

- Aluminum - (42g) The cheapest and one of the lightest options.
- Brass - (58g) A raw brass that will patina over the years.
- Copper - (60g) Looks good and copper is also naturally anti-microbial.
- Carbon Fiber - (38g) The lightest of the pencils with a matte finish.
- Titanium - (47g) Tough and light.. Anodizing is now available.

The lead for the pencil is 5.6mm and comes in a variety of hardnesses and a pack of 5 colors are available for purchase. The cap on the rear of the Graphis is a built-in sharpener and the black pocket clip is removable and made form powdercoated steel.

Also included is a pen adapter and a capacitive stylus. The pen adapter uses popular D1 sized refills that are available in many brands and colors. The stylus is a 5mm tip that works with all capacitive touchscreen devices.

Additional items can be included at additional costs. These items include extra leads in differing hardness, 5 pack of color leads (red, blue, green, yellow, and brown), and an anodizing service for titanium bodies.

The Graphis starts at just $32, which includes domestic shipping.

You can pre-order everything here: