Imetrum Launches Major New Software Update for Its Video Based Measurement System at JEC Europe 2015

Imetrum will be showcasing V5 of its Video Gauge software on Booth 7.3 R72 at JEC Europe 2015.

Online PR News – 12-February-2015 – Bristol, UK – Imetrum will be launching V5 of its renowned Video Gauge™ software on Booth 7.3 R72 at JEC Europe 2015. Taking place from 10th – 12th March 2015 in Paris, the exhibition will be a showcase for Imetrum’s video-based, high-resolution, non-contact measurement system that has the Video Gauge™ software at its heart.

The video measurement system is used throughout industry to measure strain, displacement, rotation plus other important parameters in materials testing. Using pattern recognition and sub-pixel interpolation to measure the exact displacements of selected point in an image, it is particularly suited to the testing of composites in mission critical markets such as automotive and aerospace.

Improved usability is one of the main foci of the new Video Gauge™ V5, particularly around generating precise 3D measurements. It is now possible to use pre-calibrated camera pairs to generate measurements at the micron level within minutes of turning the system on. This has eliminated the difficult and time consuming setup process that is required with other 3D measurement systems.

For those interested in measuring shear strain, a new measurement has been introduced. The measurement allows shear strain calculation via both the traditional ±45 degree gauge approach, and also via precise measurement of change in angle. Whereas the ±45 degree approach is an approximation that is only valid for small shear strains (typically less than 1%), the change in angle approach is accurate even at large strains. The availability of both options allows the user to choose either to take measurements that are equivalent to using traditional ±45 degree bonded strain gauges or, for the first time, make measurements that are accurate even at large strains.

These major new features incorporated into V5 of Video Gauge™ software will enhance the versatility and accuracy of Imetrum’s video measurement system and gives users many time saving advantages. They also sit well alongside recently introduced features such as the multi-language platform, improved test visualisation and review, and a suite of Digital Image Correlation options.

Visitors to Imterum’s stand will also be able pick up a host of Application Notes including one that explains how the system can be used to achieve the exacting requirements of ISO527-1: 2012 ASTM D638 equivalent. The Application Note outlines the tests that were undertaken and the significant advantages of using non-contact extensometry over other methods.

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Note for editors
Imetrum’s product now has over 300 users worldwide and is a versatile, non-contact video based system that allows the user to test a variety of over 200 important parameters (strain, rotation, displacement etc.) in real time, in a single test. The Video based measurement system is ideal for use in exacting market areas such as aerospace, automotive, defence, oil & gas, energy, R&D and high technology motorsport, where highly accurate measurements directly traceable to national standards are critical for their materials, component or sub-assembly development. In materials it is the world’s first video extensometer capable of being calibrated to BS EN ISO9513 Class 0.2, which also equates to the equivalent American standard ASTM E83 Class B-1. As the Imetrum system is video based, a record of the test can be saved so engineers can either post process the test or complete further analysis without the need for repeating the test, saving both time and money.

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February 11, 2015