Monginis Introduces New Line Of Cakes – Classic Inspiration!

Monginis is proud to announce the new range of cake that is classic inspiration.

Online PR News – 12-February-2015 – Andheri – Monginis is proud to announce the new range of cake that is classic inspiration. This line of cake include cheese cakes which will give you French taste and experience. Classic inspiration cakes can be savored and bought through as well as the other Monginis outlets. It is a fine, rich twine that will allow all the food connoisseur to enjoy the French treats in India and give their taste palates and experience of the life time.

Speaking to the managing director of Monginis regarding their new line of cakes that is Classic Inspiration he affirms, “ It is an exquisite range of French cakes that will provide our customers as well as their family, friends and relatives a delicious way to celebrate their happiness, events and all kinds of celebrations. Simply elegant describes our each masterpiece of cake! We start with the freshest and finest of ingredients which will give you true flavor of France.. They are as delightful to your palate as it looks to your eyes. A perfect dessert for any event, meeting, celebration or just a little sweet something after a good meal. Just cut, place it in your mouth & enjoy contemporary flavors!” Classic Inspiration introduces four new flavors of cake -

Mango Inspiration - This French delight is for all the mango lovers out there. It has creamy layers of mango flavor chocolate ganache which will leave no taste buds to tickle. It’s a perfect treat to beat the heat and make most of this mango season! However, you can enjoy mangoes even without season through this Mango inspiration cake. It is made up with finest of ingredients and it will offer you true flavor of French delights.

Tiramisu Inspiration Cake – This is an authentic Italian dessert which is ready to linger your tongue every time you have it. Made up with rich flavors of coffee & chocolate, this cake makes a way for everyone to enjoy it. The melt in mouth layers of coffee flavor chocolate ganache will give you distinctive taste of coffee. It’s the perfect treat for all occasions and celebrations. It will be worth to sink in your teeth in this miraculous French delight.

Blueberry Cheese Cake – This is a luscious blueberry flavored cheese cake. It has a base of crunchy buttered biscuit and layers of blueberry mousse and cheese frosting. It is a timeless classic French dessert to elevate your special occasions.

Red Velvet Cake – This cake is smooth as velvet. It contains rich red velvety sponge & layers of pure, thick cheese cream frosting. Real slice of heaven!

Hence, these are the cakes that includes in Classic Inspiration. It will definitely offer altogether a new taste and ting to all the dessert aficionados. If you are the one who loves experimenting new taste and delights than you should definitely try out these new Classic Inspiration cakes. You can also make these cakes as the part of your celebration be it birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, mother’s day or any other significant occasions. These French masterpieces are a great way to begin any happy event with. With Classic Inspiration cakes you do not have to go France to savor their dessert treats and delicacy.