Survey Shows Small Business Expectations vs. Reality after 2014 Holiday Season
02/10/2015, an online marketplace for buying and selling small businesses, received nearly 600 responses from small businesses in a January survey.

Online PR News – 10-February-2015 – Miami, Fla. – Reality didn’t quite meet expectations for U.S. small businesses, according to results from a January survey of U.S. small businesses about holiday season revenue., an online marketplace for buying and selling small businesses, received nearly 600 responses from small business owners in a survey last month. The majority of business owners who responded operate restaurants and retail businesses.

Nearly 50 percent of nearly 600 U.S. small business owners surveyed expected higher revenue in the 2014 holiday season versus 2013.

The survey revealed that only 37 percent did in fact have higher revenue, 18 percent reported lower revenue and 29 percent reported the same revenue, while 15percent didn’t know yet.

Of those that reported higher revenue, 21 percent had increases between 11 and 20 percent over 2013; 18 percent reported revenue increases higher than 50 percent, and; 17 percent reported revenue gains between 5 and 10 percent. Nearly 40 percent of these business owners stated the higher revenue was largely due to consumers feeling better about the economy.

Thirty-four percent of the survey respondents reporting lower revenue said their decrease was under 10 percent; 22 percent said the decrease was 11 to 20 percent, and; 18 percent said revenue dropped by more than 50 percent. About 22 percent of these businesses experienced lower revenue all of 2014, while 15 percent cited consumer fear of data breaches as a primary reason for the drop in holiday revenue.

Even though their revenue may not have been what they expected, 72 percent of respondents are optimistic about 2015 revenue, sales and overall business growth, with 75 percent stating the holiday season revenue didn’t affect their optimism.

By a large margin, the economy is the overwhelming concern for small business owners this year (55 percent), followed by taxes/government regulations (15 percent), possible rising interest rates (12 percent), minimum wage increases (6 percent), changes to the Affordable Care Act (4 percent) and cyber threats (2 percent). is a global online marketplace for buying and selling small businesses, with nearly 60,000 business listings and 300,000 registered buyers. The company’s U.S. helm is in Miami, Fla. For more information, visit