The Softer Side of Sheriff Joe Arpaio as an Animal Rescuer

There is no doubt that Arizona's most prominent Sheriff has a reputation for being tough on criminals. What he did with a jail house is quite interesting.

Online PR News – 11-February-2015 – Phoenix, Arizona – Kimber Leigh, host of the Animal Rescuers Show in Arizona, found herself face to face with one of our Country's toughest law enforcement officers. And she discovered a much softer side to the man behind the badge. Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been tough on criminals to the point where there are those that might say there is no compassion in this senior law enforcement official. However nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to the compassion he has shown for over a decade toward these helpless four legged victims in Maricopa county.

Our local sheriff converted one of the old jail facilities in Phoenix, which was in need of $3 million in repairs to continue to house inmates, into one of the most secure animal rescue facilities where no animal need fear being served its last meal.

Sheriff Joe is a long time supporter of animal welfare. And his efforts with animal rescue also creates long term benefits for many of the female inmates that take care of the animals in his rescue facility. Beyond the 170 cats and dogs housed at this old county jail, Sheriff Joe has a secondary facility attached to the Durango jail that houses larger animals, such as horses, pigs and more which are cared for by the male inmates.

Other than the animals being held as evidence in an active investigation or trial, the animals are available for adoption. There is one exception to this and that is being Micky. Micky is a pit bull that was sentenced, the first in history, to life in prison by a judge in Maricopa county. Micky's story on how he was saved from a death sentence can be found on the Sheriff's website.

These facilities are not a part of the regular county pound facilities, and are funded in part through; donations, sale of merchandise, adoption fees and other forms of support. These facilities are also unique in the fact they do not include euthanasia has part of their rescue program. These animals are merely victims of crimes and deserve a second chance, so euthanasia is not a part of their future according to the Sheriff.

Sheriff Joe has also organized a five member team of detectives to investigate animal abuse cases which is how most of these four legged victims end up being rescued and housed in these facilities.

Sheriff Joe's story and compassion can truly be seen through this interview by Kimber Leigh and Cory Mandall of the Animal Rescuers, says Wayne Warrington, Consumer Advocate and supporter for the Animal Rescuers organization. The Animal Rescuers' show, which airs on the Variety Channel on VoiceAmerica TV and is now in its third season, has become one of the top rated shows in 2015.

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The Animal Rescuers, LLC is an Arizona based organization that has been instrumental in the development of awareness and fund raising support for non-profit rescue groups statewide. The organization is supported by donations from individuals and companies that are interested in animal welfare as well as helping to put a stop to animal abuse. To help support The Animal Rescuers efforts or to become a show sponsor, contact Kimber Leigh or Cory Mandall through the organization's FaceBook page, or contact consumer advocate Wayne Warrington at 800-430-6322 Ext 1111

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