See Tucker Toys'® Revolutionary New Sports Toys at the New York Toy Fair

The innovators of the Phlat Ball™ are still transforming play and are unveiling new healthy toy options to get kids off the couch and active.

Online PR News – 10-February-2015 – Voorhees, NJ – Tucker International, LLC, the company that offers new ways to play, will be showcasing new indoor and outdoor sports toys that will change the definition of fun for the whole family. At a time when pixels and pads have too many children stuck to their seats, Tucker Toys is again "Transforming Play" with new toys geared to get kids off the couch and active again.

• The Crush-It!™ bat is the first adjustable, high-powered bat in the marketplace. Increase the tension and smash the included high-performance foam ball out of the park; decrease the tension and use it for small backyard practice. Its unique look, high performance and scalable power make Crush-It! the only baseball bat that touts the light weight of a racquet and is suited for all ages and levels of play.

We’re proud to offer so much innovation that translates into fun for the whole family but we’re even more excited that our products are motivating kids to be active again

• Pioneering a hybrid of an action sports toy, skateboarding and parkour, is the ZB Freestyle™ Board. The ZB Freestyle Board comes with a durable deck and a high bounce ball that allows for some never-before-seen tricks. What makes it even more unique is that the ZB Board isn’t limited to the paved-only past. It is the only freestyle board designed to be used indoors and outdoors; it bounces on nearly any surface, from pavement to grass and even the living room carpet.

• The Zoingo Boingo™, the flexible, freestyle pogo, has been newly redesigned for more fun. With its sure-grip foot platform and durable, high-bounce ball, the Zoingo Boingo jumps and spins on pavement, grass and carpet - offering all the benefits of a portable trampoline, with all the bounce and none of the bulk. Fitness classes internationally are even using the new Zoingo Boingo for balance, stamina and core strength.

• Tucker’s E-Z Grip™ Ball is the ultimate ball offering high bounce and super grip. It features a soft but tough outer web that makes catching it easy for any hands. Its high bounce delivers on any surface from grass to street, even sand and water. The durable inner ball and E-Z Grip’s outer web deliver unmatched performance for playing everything from catch to dodgeball to kickball and more.

"We’re proud to offer so much innovation that translates into fun for the whole family, but we’re even more excited that our products are motivating kids to be active again," said Mike Goldman, President of Tucker Toys. Tucker Toys is confident that its new line of toys will be real contenders for more "best toy" awards from toy organizations to blogging moms around the world. The internationally award-winning Phlat Ball® (winner of the Parent’s Choice Gold Award in the U.S., UK Play Matters Award and Japanese Good Toy Award) has gone through its own redesign as well, and now comes in many varieties. Featuring its "Throw a Disc, Catch a Ball®" play with surprise time-delayed transformation, Phlat Ball can be pressed flat and easily slipped into a backpack.

Tucker Toys is proud to bring to market a line of toys with far wider ranges of use, spanning all ages and transforming almost all environments into playable ones. All attendees of the 2015 New York Toy Fair are welcome to play with Tucker’s new line of sports toys at booth #1753.

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