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Online PR News – 10-February-2015 – New Zealand – Contact: Skellerup Holdings Limited

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Umbrellas are Wonderful Things

Umbrellas are for protection - we hold them over ourselves or our possessions and keep everything nice and dry. Holding companies are just like umbrellas - covering everything within their scope and keeping it all protected. One of the best holding companies in the world is Skellerup Holdings Limited.

Skellerup was founded more than a century ago, and has been built up over the decades by pulling in individual companies that are the best in their markets for the two business lines, agricultural business and industrial applications, that Skellerup Holdings supports. These companies run the gamut from producing rubber filters, tubing and liners for dairy operations, to health products for livestock, to polymer plastic gaskets and vacuum pumps. Each individual company owned and operated under the Skellerup umbrella specializes in specific research/development, design, production and/or distribution of unique products that are needed and used worldwide.

Some of the industries that know the Skellerup name include automotive, mining, medical, industrial manufacturing, automatic gas flow, oil and gas, printing, tanning, timber, dairy, and let's not forget foot ware. Skellerup Industries, a wholly owned subsidiary of Skellerup Holdings Limited, produces some of the most well-loved rubber shoes, boots, and flip-flops in New Zealand and well known around the world. The rubber tubing and liners for dairy production operations and rubber foot ware are the original start for Skellerup, and remain one of the solid parts of their overall foundation.

In their agri-business line, they also feature Stevens Filterite with milk filters that work during production to strain out sediment from the liquid that can be naturally occurring with dairy farming. Conewango is an independent distributor of tubing and liners for milk production serving all of the U.S. And Canada. The fourth company in the agri-business lineup is Ambic which specializes in dairy hygiene and livestock management health and well-being products. Each of these companies are at the top of their game in and Skellerup Holdings is proud to protect and promote them.

There are eight companies in the industrial line for Skellerup Holdings - two of which are also original Skellerup start up companies featuring industrial rubber products that are used in automotive and manufacturing businesses. Thorndon Rubber is a manufacturer of rubber sheeting, roller recovery, and shaft manufacture for several niche markets. For vacuum pumps and systems, Masport is a leader in the North American market where these items are used for extracting liquid waste and transporting water. Polymer plastics and rubber items for the automotive, medical, and mining industries are produced by Tumedei and Gulf, while Ultralon makes and sells closed cell foam used for marine and foot ware applications. Last up is DEKS with its waterproofing and sealing products that serve the roofing and plumbing industries.

Skellerup Holdings Limited is a top of the line investment opportunity for savvy financial operators who want to diversify their portfolios but remain somewhat conservative with a high degree of stability.

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