Quality Electronic Clocks in BC

Canadian Time Systems offers high quality Electronic time clocks in BC Canada.

Online PR News – 20-August-2010 – – This time, Canadian Time Systems is coming up with its high quality electronic time clocks to serve businesses in a proper way. Some of the prominent electronic clocks offered by this company include:

Amano TCX - 21
This is one of the most important electronic clocks offered by CTS. Its important features include:
• It advances year, month, date and time automatically.
• It comprises of custom print styles.
• Supports automatic as well as manual print operation.
• In case of power failure, this electronic clock supports an integrated battery back-up.
• Has the ability to adjust daylight savings time automatically.

Amano PIX - 3000x
This is another important product from CTS which comprises of following features:
• It has a selectable character size.
• Automatic and manual print operation.
• Supports consecutive numbering.
• It can automatically adjust leap years, daylight savings time, new years, short months etc.
• Full accuracy.
• It supports Programmable alphanumeric imprint.

Amano BX – 1500
This electronic clock supports following useful features:
• It has a very elegant design and thus it is suitable foe any kind of office.
• For accurate printing position, it has a surface detection function.
• It is extremely large and supports an easy-to-read dial.
• For clean printing, there is a superior matrix printer.
• It supports easy operation.

This electronic clock also has the capability to regulate daylight savings time automatically.
All these features together make these electronic clocks highly useful in businesses.

Canadian Time Systems provides customers with facility management solutions throughout BC Canada. Some of its important products are electronic time clocks, security guard tour systems, key control systems, PC based time & attendance systems, wall clocks and lots more.