Shame to the Techology Thugs ! Pat-rights Announces Early Success of Patent Licensing Campaign.

A US patent owner appealed to the Supreme Court, after a district court invalidated his patent, under the influence of Google.

Online PR News – 10-February-2015 – Silicon Valley, Ca – With the publication of his lawsuit Tse v. Google et al. at our website, we believe we have contributed a great deal in Ho Keung TSE’s licensing campaign, which offers App Developers licenses to his US Patent 6,665,797.

Despite the ‘797 patent has suffered very much by a summary judgment of a California district court, nearly all claims are invalidated; Mr. Tse is completely satisfied with the campaign which he described as highly successful.

Up till now, many App Developers have benefited from the campaign and received life-time licenses for a lump-sum as low as $250, while many more agreements are under negotiation.

The invention is directed to using “a positive determination of existence of a payment program, or a valid account”; as a precondition for permitting protected software to be used— without causing a payment to be made with the program/account.

And, we believe it is absolutely unnecessary for Google et al. to bring the district court to issue the summary judgment like this— to rule the claims as invalid, for lacking support of their “No Charge” limitations in the original filed application, while the fact is there are actually “No Charge” limitations in the claims of the original file application.

As such, we proudly and will continue to expose publicly all the facts behind with evidences at

Regardless of whether Mr. Tse’s appeal to the Supreme Court (case 14-692) will be successful or not, we share the same belief with Mr. Tse that, all claims of the ‘797 patent are strong and valid, because the district court’s summary judgment and Federal Circuit’s thereafter affirmation on the same, must both be LEGALLY VOID, for the summary judgment reveals the California district court has never had a look at the original filed claims, whereas the Federal Circuit affirmed it with no opinion— a serious violation of the “due process” clause of the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

With his innovative mind that comes up with the marvelous invention, it wouldn’t be difficult to imagine Mr. Tse will find a way to void the summary judgment, as a matter of fact, we have a lot of App developers, who become contributorily infringing the ‘797 patent because of Google’s infringement, showed no interest in obtaining a license.

Actually, Mr. Tse did attempted to help those App developers in an innovative way—he emailed Google’s counsel-in-suit with all the necessary information, as they are the greatest counsel in US (or at least highest paid) and are best suited to provide useful guidance for those App developers who received Mr. Tse’s notices of infringements, however, Google and its counsel were as deadly silence as before.

While the technology companies coined the term “patent troll”, to stereotype all those patent holders whose patent being misappropriated; we coin them as “technology thugs”.