Digital Mobile Radios Will Soon Replace Traditional Analog Radios in India

Digital Mobile Radios (DMR) have finally started replacing traditional analog radios in sensitive areas including the Police, Para military forces etc.

Online PR News – 10-February-2015 – Tamil Nadu,Karnataka,Kerala,Andhra pradesh – Digital Mobile radios (DMR) are the next big thing in wireless radio technology. They offer a communication channel that is much secure and therefore offer no space for security breach. With reports of cheap models of walkie talkies being able to tune into the frequency of police departments, there was always a pressing need to change into a secure system. In India, sensitive departments including the Police and the Para military forces have already started using DMRs with effect from September 2014.

Digital Mobile radios integrate both voice channels into a single frequency, saving spectrum. They also have a lot of other advantages including increase in battery talktime up to 25%, digital identification number display, IP connectivity for all DMR’s across the country, data transmission along with voice communication and the extra advantage of being able to work on both digital and analog mode with a single device.

Iconet Wireless solutions manufacture the well known TalkPRO walkie talkie models. In service for more than 25 years now, this brand provides walkie talkie and radio solutions for several industries, including construction, mining, event management, hospitality, security, airports, industrial plants and also to the Government. Moving into the digital space, Iconet is excited about the never ending possibilities of using DMR in India. ‘Promise what you can deliver and then deliver more than promised’ is the motto of this iconic brand.

“TalkPRO is a pure Indian brand specially developed for the Indian market”, says Captain Anil Midha, founder of Iconet Wireless Solutions. “A nationwide service support with 48 hours turnaround time, different ranges of models for different customer segments and an aggressive pricing has made us the largest selling brand in a matter of three years. We have sold more than 80,000 radios till date.”

The last year alone had around 20,000 DMRs sold across the country. Experts feel that this number will almost double in 2015. DMRs are already undergoing field trials. By February 2015, Iconet will be launching digital DMR radios for the Para military forces. It will have an unique feature of voice encryption, GPS, phone and IP connectivity which can connect various radio networks of NIA, Police, National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) and the BSF.

The world of digitization is here and radios are no exception. With easier handling features and secure lines, walkie talkies will hopefully not be a technology considered remote to many. From professional military services to commercial industries and in personal use, it is not long before digital walkie talkies will be a household name.