Army Veteran Achieves Childhood Dream by Writing a Novel

Reels' eBook, Metamorphosis: The Trey Parker Story, is a paranormal novel that tells the gripping tale of Trey Parker that falls prey to dangerous activities.

Online PR News – 08-February-2015 – Atlanta, Georgia – RW Reels has defied the odds to accomplish his lifelong dream of writing a Novel.

Reels' eBook, Metamorphosis: The Trey Parker Story, is a paranormal novel that tells the gripping tale of a black youth, Trey Parker. Trey ignores the values he has been taught all his life and falls prey to dangerous activities which results in him being shot. His near death experience alters the course of his life and he discovers new abilities.

Trey finds a new purpose for his life and embraces it. A detective and government agent begin their separate missions to uncover the details of the shooting; however, they wrestle with antagonistic events and people—as well as their own backgrounds, belief systems, and flaws.

The main character's new altruistic role in the community causes trouble for himself and for those he cares about. He must determine how to manage his metaphysical gifts, and when to listen to his own instinct in the process of fighting a corrupt system that threatens the most sacred rights of humanity.

RW Reels is excited about the launch of his novel. He said before he completed his novel: "Of all my accomplishments, serving as a paratrooper in a Special Forces Group, and in a field artillery outfit during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm ranks the highest." He added, "Few situations force a person to deal with the notion of death as going off to war, and this experience taught me to accept accountability for my actions and to trust others."

When asked what inspired him to write a book, Reels said: "I've always been drawn to writing, and storytelling. This ability was nurtured by the adventures of my grandmother's childhood—seated at her foot listening to days of old.

The Trey Parker Story is the first in a three part series. The book will appeal to both paranormal fanatics and lovers of crime fiction. The author engages the reader from the onset and maintains the connection throughout with vivid descriptions and prolific storytelling. It ends with a surprising twist that will leave readers eager for the release of volume II.

The Story of Trey Parker retails for $3.99 and can be purchased on iTunes, Barnes and Nobles, and Kobo.

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