Join Special Prayer on Mr. Mahendra Trivedi's Birthday

On the event of his birthday, Mahendra Trivedi is going to host a "Special prayer" on February 9th & 10th 2015.

Online PR News – 07-February-2015 – Henderson – "Special Prayer" is often used as a way of religion healing in an attempt to use religious or spiritual means to prevent illness, remove disease, or improve health. Some try and heal by prayer, mental techniques, spiritual tips, or some other techniques, making a claim they can call divine or great involvement with regards to the in poor health. Birthday Prayer is utilized to share a spiritual wish so good luck could go while using individual who is celebrating this special day. A Birthday Prayer and Blessing is a lovely add-on to a Birthday card for good friends or members of the family.

Through Trivedi Master Wellness special prayers, participants could obtain 3 Master Energy Transmissions™ from both, Mahendra Trivedi and Trivedi Master Alice Branton. People may experience The Trivedi Effect® inside the comfort of their homes or offices because they'll get numerous Master Energy Transmissions™ about one day and usually accelerate the change and transformation inside their lives eightfold. All these 3 Master Energy Transmissions™ are being available at a combo cost of $ 500.

Everyone could join Mahendra Trivedi at the specialized two-hour live webcast "Empower your Magnetism" on February 11, 2015, at 9PM ET. Where they could hear his thought-provoking discourse and will communicate with him together with thousands of individuals from across the globe.

The Trivedi Effect® is an all-natural means that, when utilized & sent by individuals, could transform living organisms and non-living contents to perform at a higher level and serve a much better cause. Mahendra Trivedi has got the special capability to move the effective transformational energy from the energy of his thoughts. The Trivedi Effect® significantly increases the individual's ability to hear to their inner guidance system.

The impacts of The Trivedi Effect® are not only surprising and hugely useful to people, plants and animals in every walk of their lives. It has reported offering relief to persons enduring chronic pains, depressions, mental disorders, anxiousness, low self-confidence, menstrual issues, psychological trauma, intimate dissatisfaction, tiredness, the financial crisis plus relationship difficulties.

Mahendra Trivedi has carried out over 4000 scientific studies about The Trivedi Effect® inside obtain to validate it and do away with the odds of the placebo impact. The effect of the phenomenon has been determined, validated and recorded inside main analysis organizations through the world, causing many publications inside primary global peer-reviewed scientific journals.

In order to administer this unique Energy Transmission to individuals throughout the globe, Trivedi Master Wellness™ sets up various programs and events, where individuals will get the energy online, and also in-person, to start experiencing inner peace, better joy, improved power, better health, better mental clearness, improved relationships, improved financial achievement along with a more intense spiritual connection inside their lives.

The day, February 9th & 10th Feb 2015, is a fabulous chance for individuals to obtain the Energy Transmissions from Mahendra Trivedi and the Trivedi Master Alice Branton for experiencing the deep advantages of The Trivedi Effect®. So, register today for the Special Prayer as well as the live webcast ‘Empower your Magnetism'. You can, in addition, ask those we love so they too might experience a transformation of their lives.

To learn more regarding The Trivedi Effect® or to register for this amazing event, please visit:

About Trivedi Master Wellness™:

Mahendra Trivedi has the distinct capability to create The Trivedi Effect® has the scientific evidence to confirm it. This phenomenon of Energy Transmission has become tested throughout over 4,000 scientific studies performed utilizing stringent techniques, as well as the many advanced technologies available to the world. Many results are already published in leading global, peer-reviewed, scientific journals. Every test shows considerable transformation with constant results. The resulting changes show which this energy has the great capability to better the functions and potential of an individual. Trivedi Master Wellness™ meant to give you the benefits of The Trivedi Effect® to optimize human potential all over the world.