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Secretly Gather All Mobile Call Recordings as MP3s with RecordiaPro

Online PR News – 20-August-2010 – – Do you need to record incoming and outgoing calls of your spouse or teenager? Maybe you do a lot of business talking to clients over the phone and need to record those conversations? Available at Smartphone Spy, RecordiaPro can record targeted phone conversations on any phone, and serve them up in MP3 format. (

“RecordiaPro is not a software package, instead it’s a service that provides quality MP3 recordings of incoming or outgoing phone calls on any phone,” said a spokesperson for the site. “If you suspect your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend of cheating, this would be an invaluable tool to find out the truth without that person knowing the conversations are being recorded. It also works extremely well in cases of harassment to gather evidence, keep tabs on teens, and businesses can monitor employees or record telephone interviews. RecordiaPro records incoming and outgoing calls on any phone instantly.”

RecordiaPro, the leader in low cost, call recording technology, allows consumers, business and law enforcement to record incoming & outgoing cell, home and business phone calls on any phone, anywhere in North America without the need for extra hardware or software. Instant online activation while storing recordings in a safe digital environment allows all call recordings to be immediately available for review, online playback or archiving through RecordiaPro's advanced personal recording account manager accessed 24/7 via the web.

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