ATCOA Announces A New Straight Line Sander, the Super Conquest

ATCOA NexGen Straight Line Sander, the paperless, Super Conquest.
ATCOA have always been known for durable straight line sanders and the Super Conquest changes the industry cutting finishing times to seconds.

Online PR News – 20-August-2010 – – Dallas, TX - ATCOA announces the first air sander to deliver a 36-80 grit finish without sandpaper, without dust, in seconds, not minutes. The ATCOA Super Conquest is the natural evolution of the original ATCOA Viking Dual Filer/Sander first introduced in 1963. Improved for performance and durability after an exhaustive 18-month analysis of original ATCOA Viking Duals, the Super Conquest offers many advances over industry clones. The ATCOA Super Conquest changes the standard for productivity. Patented features only available in the Super Conquest improve production and profitablity for the autobody repair industry once again. For additional information autobody craftsmen are invited to visit the company web site at

THe Super Conquest is faster than a DA or orbital sander and retains the ability to block. Put a straightedge to the surface and see the quality. Imagine completing a panel in seconds to an 80-grit finish without sandpaper. No airborne dust, no masks needed. The Super Conquest carries a factory standard, industry leading 3-year warranty and the proprietary patented finishing blade carries a lifetime warranty. ATCOA introduced the first straightline air sander 47 years ago. Many of those tools are still running in shops today. The Super Conquest is an amazing tool with improved air handling, better lubrication and a machined Titanium Alloy carriage that won't warp or twist. When tools break the cost is more than replacement. ATCOA Straight-line Air Sanders are manufactured to precise standards and tolerances. Invented in the early '60's by Otto Hendrickson and designed by Karl Selander, the original ATCOA Viking Dual performed for years. Today the ATCOA Super Conquest Straight Line Air Sander is re-designed by the same designer that brought you the original, Karl Selander.

ATCOA, Inc., is the recognized leader in quality, durable, industrial grade, straight line air sanders introducing the first in the class with the Viking Dual Filer/Sander in 1963, Today ATCOA introduces an upgraded and performance enhanced Super Conquest straight line air sanders with dual piston power, and long shoe blocking. The new Super Conquest offers traditional ATCOA reliability and nexGen performance with the Patent Pending special sanding blade that delivers a 36/80 grit surface without sandpaper in seconds. The new blade eliminates filler dust and allows 100% recycling of unused fillers. ATCOA straight line long shoe air sanders have set the industry standard. ATCOA, Inc. has served the autobody repair industry for over 47 years, building a solid reputation for service, quality, innovation and competitive pricing.

Media Contact:
Karl Selander - Founder/CEO

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15351 Branchcrest Circle
Dallas, TX 75248
Phone: 1-210-601-0063